June 22

5 Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Sales



Almost everyone has a phone in their pocket, capable of more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. Mobile apps have been around since these smartphones first came out, and now they can help you increase and enhance your selling potential. Here are five great apps to help you improve your business.

​1) LEAN (Landmark Electronic Application Navigator) from UnitedHealthcare

(Available for iPhone/iPad and Android)

​The LEAN app by UnitedHealthcare allows you to confirm your scope of appointment, search providers and drug lists, review benefits, start applications, and so much more. Even if you are without internet access, applications can be started offline, then uploaded once you have an internet connection. A great app so you will always be prepared to write business.

​2) Quotes for Sales Professionals from Mutual of Omaha

(Available for iPhone/iPad and Android)

With Mutual of Omaha's Quoting App you can run quotes for your clients even without an internet connection!* Just make sure to download the latest rates before heading out, and you can easily generate quotes based off a desired premium or face amount. A must have app for any agent contracted with Mutual of Omaha. (Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care quotes require internet connections)

3) Settlers Life Insurance Rate Calculator

(Available for iPhone/iPad and Android)

This rate calculator from Settlers Life makes it easy to quote, even when you are on the go. Once you open up the app and log in, you are able to quote clients on products in all available states. Just type in their age, gender, smoker/nonsmoker, and benefit amount and the quote will be generated for you right at the top of the screen. You can even generate the available policy amount based on a desired premium amount!

4) MAPA (Medicare Advantage Paperless Application) from Humana

(Available for iPhone/iPad)

Humana's MAPA app now allows you to access their eApp right from your phone, even if you aren't connected to the internet. The app allows you to securely fill out a policy application, that can be submitted one you have reconnected to the internet. You can also fill out multiple applications and upload them all at once to process business even faster!

5) Liberty Bankers Life Rate Calculator

(Available for Android)

Similar to the Settlers Life Rate Calculator mentioned above, the Liberty Bankers Life app puts you just a touch away from providing up-to-date quotes to your clients while on the road.

While this rate calculator is only available on Android devices, Liberty Bankers Life has an iPhone and iPad application that allows you to take pictures of documents (like applications, checks, and forms of identification) to be sent to their home offices. This allows you to send in an application while on the road, even if you are near a scanner or fax machine. Download the iPhone/iPad app here.

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