September 26

Tidewater OEP Kick Off Training Seminars

Ronnie James TMG

As I finish up the OEP kick off seminar series “Build Your Own Business” I cannot help but reflect on the things I have learned about the agents with whom I get to work.

I have received calls and emails thanking me for the meetings and the information that was given out. Humbly, I would have to say I owe each of you a “thanks” for taking the time to come out, for contracting with Tidewater Management, and the business you are writing today. Just a few notes on my educational experiences:

Tidewater Management Group OEP Kick Off Seminar

OEP Kick Off

Never think you have it all together. I forgot my projector for the first meeting, which was two hours from home. I had to go out and buy a new one ($400 mistake) and then tell the boss about it. Very humbling experience.

Our Agents Are Grateful

I was presented with a box of cigars by one agent. Another agent made me a pie. It is rewarding to know that agents appreciate what you do for them.

Agent Cigars OEP Seminar

Our Agents Want To Be Helpful

I had agents take me to the airport after the OEP kick off seminars. I had agents take me out to eat while I was in their towns. I had agents help me carry in and unpack supplies for the meetings.

agents OEP seminar

Our Agents Continue To Grow

In our society we see so many people that are satisfied with the status quo. The agents we work with at Tidewater all seem to look for ways to be better agents and better people. That makes me proud to be a part of your team.

Agents OEP Kickoff

Our Agents Are Knowledgeable

When I hold a seminar I must know the material. If not, I will get called out. Agents hold me accountable and I need/want that. The success of our industry depends on the agents knowledge of policies and practices.

North Carolina FMO

During This OEP, Let's Continue to Grow Together

We all need to learn to do e-apps. It is the way of the future for insurance agents. They really do get issued quicker and we get paid faster.

It is ok to admit to a client that you are learning a new system. The client has already been impressed by your knowledge of the product, they will be patient while you stumble thru the first couple e-apps. It will get easier as you go.

Tidewater Management Group

Tidewater Is Committed To Bringing Value

Tidewater Management really does add value to our agents. Many agents expressed to me to appreciation they had for the “cheat sheets” and the fact that we came to you in your hometowns as opposed to requiring you to come to us. The comments agents left on the surveys were very kind and even the hot breakfasts seemed to be appreciated.

Hot breakfast at OEP Seminars

It is because of you, the agent, that Tidewater Management exists. Thank you for allowing me the time to meet with you at this years OEP Kick Off Seminars. I hope I have in some way encouraged and inspired you to be the best you can be. It is an honor to serve you. Ronnie

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