November 2

5 Tips For A Successful AEP

1. E-apps Can Save You Time & Money

Filling out paper applications have been the norm for so many years, yet they can also become a headache if you don’t complete them correctly. Have you ever submitted an application and found out you missed a page or an important piece of information and had to go back to re-write the application? What a waste of time and money!

Using an electronic application can eliminate this potential headache by prompting you when you have missed a step in the process. Having that peace of mind every time you leave an appointment can make a huge difference during OEP.

E-Application Links

2. Scope Of Appointment Forms

We all want to stay fully compliant during Open Enrollment Period for our clients’ protection. One way to make sure you stay within the rules is to provide a Scope of Appointment form and have it signed by the client 24 hours prior to your appointment. Some carriers even offer a telephonic SOA form.

Make sure you keep this Scope of Appointment form readily available for all of your Medicare Advantage meetings. You can even keep the Spanish Scope of Appointment form handy as well.

Scope of Appointments per Carrier

3. Keep The TMG Quoting Tool Handy

TMG Mobile Quoting Tool

When you are on the go and have appointments in different areas, you never know when you will be able to connect to a proper internet wifi network. Make sure you download the TMG quoting tool so that you have the ability to quote Medicare Advantage plans right on your phone. Also remember that you can also quote other complementary products that can help build your business and keep the client covered in every situation.

4. Ordering Supplies Made Easy

Making sure you have all the supplies you need during AEP is always a constant task. Here at Tidewater Management Group we have created a smart form to submit supply orders anytime, anywhere. Click here to place your order for any supplies you need.

Once we receive the order we can make sure it is placed properly and sent to the address of your choice. If we have any questions, we will definitely get in touch with you to make sure that you have what you need for a successful OEP.

5. Faxing Your Paper Applications

If you are not going the route of the e-app, we want to make sure you have all the correct numbers to fax in your paper apps once they are complete. Remember to make sure that you fully fill out the paper application without leaving out pages or important information. Here are the fax numbers you will need to complete the application process.

CarrierFax Number
Aetna MAPD/PDP1-888-665-6296 or 1-866-441-2341
Aetna MS1-877-380-2777
CoventryPDP only 1-866-415-2232 MAPD only 1-888-554-7668
CSI & CSI Life1-855-304-2855
First Medicare Direct1-844-896-1002
Gateway1-888-551-9101 or 1-888-456-5502
Gerber MS1-866-422-9139
Humana Medicare1-877-889-9936
Manhattan Life1-713-583-2738
MedicoAll other products 1-888-363-3420 Med Supp only 1-844-850-2550
Mutual of OmahaMed Supp only 1-866-799-9076 LTC only 888-539-4672 Life only 402-997-1800
SilverScript1-866-552-6205 must be submitted by fax AND uploaded electronically via agent portal:
UHC/AARP MAPD/PDP/Med Supp1-800-696-8312
Wellcare MAPD/PDP1-866-473-9124
Guarantee Trust Life1-847-699-9937
Bankers Fidelity1-404-926-4030
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