May 25

Can Your Clients Afford Not to Have Hospital Indemnity Plans?


As an Agent, Our Job is to Help Our Clients Minimize Risk

I have agents that come to me from time to time saying “Ronnie, we can’t sell hospital indemnity plans. Our clients can’t afford hospital indemnity plans.” My question for you today is, can your clients afford not to have hospital indemnity plans? As life and health agents, it is our job to help minimize our client's risk. With these plans, our clients are able to trade pennies for dollars.

​Trading Pennies for Dollars

We’re able to help our clients minimize risks with these plans because many of our clients will experience out-of-pocket expenses for hospitalization if they’re on a Medicare Advantage, an ACA plan, a group health plan, and even some Medicare supplement programs. So for you to be able to trade pennies for dollars, you’re able to take an individual that can pay less than a dollar a day for a plan that would take all of the exposure that they would have if they went into the hospital.

​Customizing Packages for Your Clients

Also, with these hospital indemnity plans you are able to package other products in with it, such as a cancer plan. As you know with cancer, with most people it’s going to be when, not necessarily if, because cancer is becoming more prevalent in our society today.

With these plans, you’re able to customize them for your customer. You’re able to take a plan and cover hospital expenses, outpatient surgeries, ambulance, and skilled nursing care.

​Do You Have Questions About Hospital Indemnity Plans?

Here at Tidewater Management Group we have a multitude of carriers that offer hospital indemnity plans, some starting at age 18 and up. If you have any questions about hospital indemnity plans, please give us a call here at 888-622-9122.

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Hospital Indemnity

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