August 7

How To Certify With Molina Healthcare

Molina’s 2018 online Medicare Certification is now available on Gorman Sentinel Elite!

Please complete Molina’s 2018 Certification Program so you are ready to start enrolling eligible beneficiaries in time for the start of the 2018 Annual Election Period which begins on 10/15/2017. Disable your “Pop up Blocker” and log onto the link below. Attached is the Gorman Sentinel Elite User Guide to assist you in getting started. If you have already completed 2018 AHIP Medicare Certification, you can upload your certificate and bypass the

  • Gorman Medicare Advantage Core Module
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Module
  • General Compliance Module

Otherwise, you will have to complete all 3 modules along with the Molina Product Training module.

Remember, the Principal Agent MUST complete their training prior to anyone in their downline selling for 2018. Should this not be completed, commissions will not be paid for enrollments signed prior to the completion date of the Principal Agent.

As always, there is no cost to certify with Molina Medicare. And, you must be certified before you present or enroll a Medicare beneficiary in a 2018 Molina Plan. The completion deadline is sixty (60) days from the date you receive the 2018 Certification link. Should you fail to complete your training within the allotted timeframe, your access will be suspended.

If you are new to Molina, completion of the 2018 Molina Certification Program will also qualify you to sell Molina’s 2017 Plans, provided you review the 2017 Summary of Benefits before meeting with prospective beneficiaries.

2018 sales materials should be available by October, but only those who are certified will be able to make orders. So, go online and complete your 2018 Molina Certification Program now!

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