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How to Close More Sales Throughout the Year

How to Close Sales All Year Long

Closing sales outside of AEP can be a difficult task. While many agents have to figure out what to do on their own, our partnership offers you the support you need to keep your sales rolling in all year long. In our experience, we have found these tips to be the most effective at securing sales outside of AEP:

  • 1
    Really know the product you're selling
  • 2
    Use technology to your advantage
  • 3
    Find leads by working in your community
  • 4
    Take advantage of our lead programs
  • 5
    Jump on cross-selling opportunities
  • 6
    Ask for referrals
  • 7
    Contact our marketing team or regional sales directors for support

Read on to learn the secrets of agents that successfully close sales all throughout the year.

1. Really Know the Product You're Selling

know the product you're selling to close more sales throughout the year

In order to be a successful insurance agent, it’s vital that you thoroughly understand the product you’re pitching to a prospective client. You wouldn’t trust a dentist who couldn’t explain why you need you’re teeth cleaned regularly, just as your client won’t trust you if you can’t describe the benefits of the hospital indemnity plan that you’re trying to sell.  

It’s important that you are extremely familiar with the details of each plan you sell so that you can answer your client’s questions and determine the best plan for their needs. Knowledge of coverage benefits, riders, limitations, discounts, and rates is to be expected. To learn more about the products available at Tidewater Management Group, sign up for our VIP Portal and call into our biweekly agent conference calls, or add us to Facebook. We will help you stay up-to-date with all the latest information.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

How to Close More Sales Throughout the Year with Technology

Our mobile quoting tool makes selling easier by providing you fast and reliable quotes wherever you go. It allows you to quickly customize a quote from your phone, tablet, or computer.

The brand new MedicareCENTER Enrollment Tool allows agents to enroll a client in 20-30 minutes without leaving your home or office. The best part? This tool is offered to our agents absolutely free. Click here to become a partner and begin using this powerful tool.

Electronic applications minimize errors in your paperwork. Rather than submitting a paper application and learning a week later that you forgot to fill in a section, electronic applications will not submit without complete information. This saves you time and guarantees that your client gets coverage sooner.

Here are some other important tools to have on-hand:

  • 1
    Exclusive online webinars on our VIP Portal
  • 2
    Online drug formularies
  • 3
    Online provider lookups
  • 4
    Social media

Using social media is a great way to stay in touch with current clients and reach prospective clients. Check out this article on how to create a Facebook business page to learn how Facebook can expand your reach.

3. Find Leads by Working in Your Community

Find Leads by Working in Your Community

Being active in your community is an excellent way to meet prospective clients. Participating in and/or setting up a table at your local food pantry is a great way to meet new people and spread the word that you’re there to help.

Other great ways to meet prospective clients are setting up tables at:

  • 1
    Family-owned pharmacies
  • 2
    Faith-based organizations
  • 3
    Dollar Stores and thrift shops
  • 4
    Low-income housing complexes
  • 5
    Provider offices
  • 6
    Senior centers
  • 7
    Dental offices

Don't forget that you can sell D-SNPs year-round as well. The places listed above are great ways to meet prospective D-SNP clients. Since dual eligibles make up 21% of the total Medicare population nationwide, it's always beneficial to look for ways to reach this untapped market. Check out our videos on how to market to prospective D-SNP clients in Alabama and North Carolina to learn more.

4. Take Advantage of Our Lead Programs

Top Rewards for New Agents and Seasoned Producers

At Tidewater Management Group, we do everything we can to help you achieve success in your business. That’s why we provide a number of options for you to obtain leads.

We offer marketing co-op programs, a free 1,000-piece lead drop for qualifying agents, a fast start program, and more. Check out our top rewards for new agents and seasoned producers to learn more. You can also learn about our array of lead generation programs

5. Jump on Cross-Selling Opportunities

jump on cross-selling opportunities to close more sales throughout the year

Cross-selling is a fantastic way to build your book of business. Reach out to your Medicare Advantage clients to see if they are interested in life insurance, hospital indemnity plans, short-term home health plans, cancer, heart attack, and stroke plans, and so on. You’ll be surprised to find that some of your clients were not aware of the options that they have to financially protect themselves and their families in the event of an illness or death.

For more information on selling hospital indemnity plans during your Medicare Advantage appointment, check out this informative video and article on how to present the information to your clients. 

6. Ask for Referrals

ask for referrals to close more sales throughout the year

The secret to being a successful agent is asking for referrals. You will not receive many referrals without asking for them, so be sure to ask for a referral when you close a sale. It may be hard to ask a client for a referral but it doesn’t need to be - you are an expert on Medicare and your clients will be happy to refer family and friends to someone that they trust. 

Be sure to review CMS marketing guidelines on permission to contact referrals. Depending on the carrier, you may need to fill out a permission to contact form during your appointment with a client. 

7. Contact Our Regional Sales Directors for Support

contact our regional sales directors to close more sales throughout the year

Our regional sales directors, Ronnie James, Kristi Bell, and John Elliott are experts in the industry. They actively recruit, guide, and support licensed agents for an array of carriers and products. They provide face-to-face seminars throughout the year to train you on the ins and outs of the industry. Be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page and email list to for the latest updates on our events.

We're Here to Help

Closing sales all year long doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our partnership ensures that you have all the resources and training you need to be a successful agent every month of the year.

We have a fantastic team of agent support specialists that are always ready to help. You can give us a call at 888-622-9122 for questions, ordering supplies, and specific product training. You can also quickly and easily fill out a support ticket, or check out all of our resources for hardworking agents like you here.

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