June 13

“I Found An IMO That Believed That Their Brokers Were Partners”



I moved my Medicare Advantage contracts from Kingdom Insurance to Tidewater because Kingdom did absolutely ZERO for me and my business and yet they were getting paid on my business. In the year plus,they’ve had my contracts, no upline reached out to me, no training, and no resources. I was left to struggle on my own, figure everything out on my own….. it was the most frustrating AND COSTLY experience. That’s right, lack of all of that COSTS you business. When I found Tidewater, I found an IMO that believed that their brokers were partners and they proved it to me within the first 24 hours – already had the GA training director calling me and scheduling to come to Atlanta to train me and my team – got me contracted with Walmart for Annual Enrollment Period in October. When something doesn’t work for YOUR business, you have to find what does and I’m very excited about this partnership with Tidewater and moving my Medicare Advantage side of Georgia Senior Solutions to the next level.

You are paying an IMO to be your upline, are they earning your business? ”

– Johanna

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