August 21

I have been with TMG since 2007



“I have been with TMG since 2007. I have personally watched them grow from a small operation in a tiny office in Raleigh, NC to multiple offices in multiple states. However, unlike most companies, as they have grown they have not become too big for their britches. TMG has continued to have the personal touch and care for the agent that is truly unparalleled in our industry. Everyone with TMG is extremely helpful and so many have become true friends – Escobar, Lemmons, Chad, Ronnie, Newton, Serena, Bobby, Megan, Carolyn … and on and on … Not to mention the CEO, Todd Fincher, has become a close personal friend. If you’ve been in business for a while – or plan to be long-term in the insurance business – then you can not have a better partner than Tidewater!!”

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