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Why Would I Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan?




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Individuals who are turning 65 get hit from every angle and with so many products that it quickly becomes a confusing mess. Unfortunately there is too much bad information being given out, sometimes by friends who mean well. Start understanding your customers and why they would buy one, to increase your Supplement sales.

Confused seniors

I wanted to put myself in the shoes of someone turning 65 and so I asked myself the question “why should I buy a Medicare Supplemental plan?” Here are the reasons I came up with:

Why Should I Buy a Medicare Supplemental Plan?


They are simple to understand.

Medicare Supplemental plans (also called Medigap) plans are standardized by the federal government. There are 10 different plans to choose from. (Not every person qualifies for every plan and not every carrier sells every plan.)

What this means is that a plan G benefit would be the same with every carrier that offered the plan. I could easily compare apples to apples. My biggest decision is to decide which of the 10 plans fit my needs and pocket book the best


The benefits NEVER change.

Once I am enrolled in a supplemental plan the benefits are locked in. No worries about benefits being reduced in the future. I like knowing that I am safe and secure for the future.


I do not have to worry about network restrictions.

If a provider accepts Medicare then he/she will also accept my supplement. That is easy enough as approx. 98% of all doctors in the US accept Medicare. There is also peace of mind knowing I am not bound by state lines when it comes to where I receive my care.


Speaking of state lines, it is good to know that my supplement plan is portable.

If I decide to move I can take my plan with me. I do not lose it or have to choose a new one just because my zip code changes. As long as I continue to pay my premiums I can keep my plan.


It is also good to know I can not be singled out for termination or a rate increase just because I file a claim.

If a carrier increases rates on me it is because they increased premiums on everyone in my class. A carrier can NEVER terminate me unless I fail to pay premiums or lose my Medicare for some strange reason.


Supplemental plans will also give me maximum security if my health should decline.

Medicare advantage plans have more risk for out of pocket expenses and peace of mind is important. It also helps me to think about purchasing a plan I can grow into as I age and not one that I could grow out of.

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The Best Time to Purchase a Supplemental Plan

Medicare states the best time to purchase a supplemental plan is when your client first gets their Medicare Part B plan. That is because they do not have to answer any health questions. Should they choose to go without a supplement or go with an Advantage plan when they get Medicare, they could be declined based on health questions if they want a supplemental plan in the future.

Since none of us have a magic crystal ball, the supplement plan offers certainty of benefits, less risk, no networks and peace of mind for the future. The question really is “why wouldn’t I choose a Medicare supplement?”

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Why Would I Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan?

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