June 29

How To Save Money On AHIP Certifications

 How can agents save money on AHIP?

  1. 1
    Take AHIP through one of the carriers that offer discounts
  2. 2
    Take advantage of reimbursement based on current selling year AEP production
  3. 3
    Study, focus and save time by passing it on the first try

AHIP is now live!

Save money on AHIP

2022 AHIP was made live on June 21st. After completing your 2022 certification, you will be licensed to sell 2021 for the remainder of the year and 2022 plans starting this AEP with a 1/1/22 effective date. 

When deciding how to complete your AHIP certification, make sure to keep in mind that taking AHIP directly through their site is $175. 

Save money on AHIP through a carrier portal

Carriers offer AHIP through their portal for a reduced rate of $125, so be sure to keep an eye out for carrier emails for their certification dates.

A few carriers that offer a reduced rate of $125:

  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • United
  • WellCare

Take advantage of carrier reimbursement 

On top of receiving a reduced cost, you can qualify for reimbursement on your 2022 AHIP training fees by meeting a few key requirements. Each carriers requirements are slightly different but the details will be in their 2022 certification announcements, so be on the look out! If you need more details call us at (888) 622- 9122.

Study, focus and save time

Whether you’re a new or seasoned agent, it has been a year since this test has been taken. After looking at past attempts, we have found that agents perform better on their first try. While some carriers allow up to 6 attempts, repeatedly taking a 2 hour long test isn't how your time will be best spent. 

Finish your certifications early

The sooner you finish your certifications, the sooner you will be able to order material. It is important that you receive your material in a timely manner, but especially before October 1st. In order to meet this deadline, we highly recommend being in the first round of pre-order requests.

Studying for AEP selling season doesn’t end with cert completion, that’s when the hard work begins. Studying the area you are selling in is important in order to better serve your clients. 

Save money on AHIP Certifications

You’re not in this alone, we’re here to help, check out these resources:

Our highly trained support team is here to help with anything from drug searches to submission assistance. You're not in this alone. To schedule a one on one strategy meeting, call (888) 622- 9122.



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