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How to shoot Insurance Agent videos on a budget



Insurance Agent videos don't need to be professionally created to be high quality. With the technology available today, you can produce a very nice video with your phone. Follow these tips and tricks to shooting videos on a budget for the best results!

Tools To Create Insurance Agent Videos

To start, pull out that smartphone in your pocket. You can also use a tablet, or camera. You already have the most expensive tool you will need for this task.

For best results, get a tripod that will hold your phone, tablet or camera. If you don't have a tripod, in a pinch you can stand your phone up against a wall or a chair to keep it steady.

Almost every smartphone has an amazing video camera already built in, all you need to do is put it to good use! Most devices come with several cameras now, but make sure you use the one on the back of the phone as it has the best quality built in. The front facing camera is for video calls or selfies and has a lower quality output.

  • Phone, tablet, or camera
  • Tripod
  • Good lighting
  • Ring light (optional)
  • Microphone (optional)

Video Gear Setup We Recommend

Lighting an Insurance Agent Video

Good lighting is very important, so if you don’t have good natural lighting, then you may want to invest in a light. 

Insurance Agent videos lighting

The best way to find good lighting is to test a few spots in your home or office. Take some short videos and see if you like them when you play them back. If you find the perfect place, you might want to setup a permanent station that you can easily go back to when a new idea strikes.

Avoid filming with a window behind you as this will create a silhouette if you don't have a powerful light source in front of you as well.

Where Should You Upload Your Video?

Facebook will reward you for putting the time into making your insurance agent  videos. Facebook video ads reach a wider audience than images. Once you have your video complete, make sure you directly upload it to your Facebook page.

Did you know that YouTube is a social media website? It is also the 2nd biggest search engine, right behind Google. YouTube uses user feedback to better understand what kind of videos their customers want to see. This is a mutually beneficial relationship in that, you want your video to be seen by people who will be interested and want to interact with it, and YouTube wants users to stay on their website, which won’t happen if they feel as though they are being spammed by content they don’t want to see. 

Since their algorithm rewards engagement instead of vanity metrics like views and clicks, YouTube incentivizes creators to produce videos that their audience actually enjoys watching, discouraging them from trying to game the system.


How to add your videos to your website

Embed the video in a blog post and accompany it with a written version. This will not only strengthen your website, but driving traffic from social media to your site can help you track the users and retarget them with ads.

The share icon on each YouTube video gives you the option and code to embed into a page on your website.

Descriptions, Tags and Follow Up

Insurance Agent videos marketing

It is important to keep in mind that getting your video out there doesn’t stop after you’re done recording.  “To rank on YouTube, the first thing to consider is optimizing your videos and channel for popular search queries. To do this, place relevant keywords in your videos’ titles, tags, descriptions, SRT files (which are transcriptions), video files, and thumbnail files”. (Hubspot)

Be Real in Your Insurance Agent Videos

An image is static and impersonal, and it doesn’t let viewers know who you are. A video on the other hand is dynamic, and you can make each viewer feel like you are talking directly to them. Your customers will feel like they know you before they even sit down with you in person. This increases the likelihood of an in person meeting if the customers feels comfortable. It is easy to shoot multiple takes of a video whereas writing or creating a graphic could take much longer.

Trust is a huge factor in customer relationships, and it makes them more likely to buy your products or services. It is important to establish brand identity before immediately trying to sell. Your customers want to know who you are and what you’re about so create a video narrative about your company. A lot of trust can be gained here, which will make it easier to build on later.

“Square videos take up 78 percent more space in the News Feed and have consistently outperformed landscape videos. We created square and landscape versions, and the square video performed better across the board, with a 50 percent lower cost per click and 45 percent more engagement”


Credibility and trust go hand in hand

Credibility is key when sharing knowledge. Give your viewers every reason to trust you and want to listen to what you have to say. This starts with having a clean and professional background where you are filming your videos. A cluttered background could also be distracting, and you want to have your viewer’s undivided attention for as long as possible.

Insurance Agent Videos FAQ

In your videos, you should focus on answering any questions you get on a daily basis. Video responses are much more personal, and it is easier to explain and clarify as compared to written responses. Ultimately, provide value. You do this every day when a customer calls with a question. Give 

the question and answer on the video. If one person is asking the question, rest assured that more people are searching for the answer to that same question. If you keep doing this, yours will start showing up when people search. Another thing you could focus on talking about is how and why you help seniors with insurance. Talk about why you got into insurance and why you are the best at what you do.

Almost there...

Congratulations on completing the most difficult part of the process – creating content. You are now ready to post and share your video to YouTube and Facebook! Create a YouTube account or use your existing company account, upload the videos to your Insurance Agency Facebook page, and even share them with your personal profile. If you have a LinkedIn or Twitter, you could also utilize these platforms to share your videos. Give us a call at 888-622-9122 with any additional questions.

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