December 7

FMOs — Why You Should Partner With One


What is an FMO?

FMO stands for Field Marketing Organization. Insurance companies are the reason we have FMO's today. When insurance companies decided to eliminate their sales force, they noticed that their marketing efforts went away as well. Soon, none of the employees had sufficient sales or marketing knowledge to support their agents. FMO's were created to fill that gap. This transition benefit all parties since insurance companies were no longer spread too thin, and FMO's focus all of their efforts on the agent. 

Why Should You Partner with an FMO?

As an FMO, we provide the support between between insurance carriers and insurance agents that agents wouldn't otherwise get. We offer insurance products and services from multiple carriers to independent agents or agencies. While it is not required to partner with an FMO, you should consider the opportunities afforded to you by doing so. You can receive the same amount of commissions, and in some cases more while gaining more support and personalized training that is specific to you and your business success. 

There is a mutually beneficial relationship in that the agent receives personalized service and and technology that can only be offered through marketing organizations. Partnering with and FMO should be just that- a partnership. A partnership where success cannot be gained without both entities doing their part.

Why Should You Partner with TMG?

FMO's typically focus solely on marketing services, but here at Tidewater, we go above and beyond. 

Here is a list of some things TMG can offer you:

  • Support
  • Contracting
  • Marketing
  • No assignment of commissions
  • Agent Co-ops
  • MedicareCENTER (Med Advantage, Med Supp enrollment platform and CRM) 

When you partner with Tidewater Management group you will receive unparalleled support from our Agent Support Team. We are here to help you through every step of the process and answer any questions you have. We want to help you take your business to the next level!

"I would absolutely recommend Tidewater Management Group as the BEST FMO company out there. I want to say a special thank you to Issac for always being so eager to help with any issue that comes along! He was trained very well and has went above and beyond to help me out while I’m in the field. I am very comfortable with the answers he gives me for my clients and he is always willing to follow through! …Thanks Tidewater for all you do”

Don't Spread Yourself too Thin

When you partner with multiple FMOs, your apps are spread out, and they can become difficult to keep track of. In addition, it is likely that they won't remember your name! Writing 2-3 apps per FMO is too small of a number for them to devote a lot of attention to you as an agent. They would much rather work with an agent who only works with them as they help each other grow together. Partnering with a single FMO provides the opportunity to qualify for incentive trips and receive more exclusive benefits. Keep in mind that you can't use tools or resources from one FMO on an app that is with a different FMO. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-622-9122. Our expert agent support team is always ready to help.


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