January 4

Humana Achieve’s latest agent incentives

The more you sell, the more you Achieve.

Just extended through Q3 2021: unlimited incentives with Humana Achieve.

Producers can earn up to $300 per issued Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement policy depending on the underwritten mix with the Humana Achieve Underwritten Business Bonus.

Qualify with just three approved applications in a month – regardless of underwriting class. Valid July, August and September 2021.

$50 per issued  policy

40%-49% Underwritten

$100 per issued policy

50%-59% Underwritten

$200 per issued policy

60%-69% Underwritten

$300 per issued policy

70% + Underwritten

Guaranteed Renewable

  • No case limits for unlimited earning potential
  • Payments every month on the 20th
  • A starting requirement of only three underwritten cases

Program details

  • Start: July 1, 2021
  • End: September 30, 2021
  • Who is eligible- Humana Achieve-appointed agents who sell Humana Achieve Med Supp policies

Humana Achieve Qualifying criteria:

  • The policy is submitted through a paper or electronic application (e-Application)
  • The policy issue date is during the Promo Period

*Program excludes business issued in IN, SC, TN, & WI. Payout excludes Guaranteed Issued in all states except for CO, FL, and OR. All business issued in CO, FL, and OR, including Guaranteed Issued cases, will be paid at the qualifying amount.Payouts will be made according to the table above but are subject to maximum permitted compensation rules for year one of a policy defined by state regulations and may be adjusted to the maximum allowed amount.

Excludes underage disability applications and High Deductible Plan G. Issued cases must be specific to Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Plans. Program period runs from 7/1/2021 to 9/30/2021. Qualification is evaluated by calendar month and will be paid according to each individual month. Integrity Marketing Group (INTEGRITY) has the exclusive right to change the qualifications and/or rules for this program at any time, including cancellation. All decisions by INTEGRITY regarding program and/or its cancellation are final. Humana has no obligation to sponsor or pay any of the costs of the program for any qualifying participant related to this program. Any payments related to this incentive program will be administered by Integrity Marketing Group. Agent must be actively contracted and appointed with Humana and remain in good standing with Humana throughout the duration of the contest period. Agent may be obligated to disclose compensation to clients and prospective clients. Because state laws vary, agent should be aware of and comply with applicable state compensation disclosure requirements. Reporting of compensation from this incentive program and tax implications of this incentive program are the responsibility of the agent. Except as expressly modified herein, all provisions of the Humana Producer Contract and the Humana Individual Products Producer Partnership Plan (PPP) apply to this incentive program.

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