January 21

Aflac Fast Start Bonus Program


Aflac is an accident supplemental insurance that will pay the customer for falls or auto accidents. This is extra insurance over their Medicare.

$50 each for your first three applications

$25 for every application after that

Aflac Goose
Aflac Visa Gift Card

No Limit! - Write your own Bonus!

Write 3 apps, receive $150

Write 10 apps, receive $325

Contest Period: February 1 – March 31, 2021

Bonus will be paid the form of a Visa Gift Card*.

Open to all producers within the Integrity network who are contracted and appointed with Aflac.

Additional details:

  • All business written, submitted during the contest period that issues will count towards the bonus program.
  • Written business is defined as received by Aflac and issues as coverage in force. No manual adjustments will be considered.
  • Aflac will begin calculation of bonus amounts after a satisfactory period has elapsed after the conclusion of the contest period to verify all policies that issued, and prizes will be distributed shortly thereafter.
  • There is no limit to the potential gift card payouts.
  • *Aflac reserves the right to substitute another gift card of equal value.
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