March 8

2021 SEP Broker Bonus Blitz

About the 2021 SEP Broker Bonus Blitz

Bright Healthcare

Bright HealthCare is excited to offer our broker partners an bonus opportunity to get paid every month with NO enrollment minimum on new 2021 business submitted and effectuated during the Special Enrollment Period with their 2021 SEP Broker Bonus Blitz. This new bonus is in addition to our 2021 Broker Bonus Program.

Submit a new application during the Special Enrollment Period (2/15 - 5/15; 2/8 – 5/15 in CO) with an effective
date from 3/1 through 6/1 and receive your bonus payment the following month (April - July 2021).

The SEP Bonus Blitz applies only to NEW Individual & Family Plan members with an effectuated plan, on or offexchange and not in grace period by the end of the effective month. This bonus is intended for Broker
participation only

2021 SEP Broker Bonus Blitz

(Based on total members submitted and effectuated 3/1/2021 through 6/1/2021)

Reward Tier 1

  • 1-149 New Members
  • $125 (Florida, Illinois, North Carolina & Oklahoma)
  • $75 (all other states)

Reward Tier 2

  • 150+ New Members
  • $200 (Florida, Illinois, North Carolina & Oklahoma)
  • $100 (All other states)

The payout applies in all states where the product is available.

The SEP Bonus Blitz will be paid monthly on the total of new members (up to a maximum of self, spouse, and three dependents per policy). The monthly tiering placement is calculated by the accumulated total of new members. Members must effectuate within their effective month and not be in grace period to qualify.

Get Started on this Bright Healthcare Bonus. Call us at 888-622-9122 or contact us. 

Bright SEP Broker Bonus Blitz Details:

To qualify for the Bright HealthCare Broker Bonus Program

  • You must be a licensed, contracted, and appointed agent, as applicable, at the time of each sale and current at time of
    bonus payout.
  • Submit a minimum of 1 new member application during the new Special Election Period (2/15 - 5/15/2021, 2/8 – 5/15/2021 in CO) with effective dates between 3/1/2021 and 6/1/2021.
  • This program is intended for individual broker participation only, all others are subject to forfeiture of bonuses paid.

Bonus Calculations

  • Payments will be calculated at the individual agent level
  • Include a maximum of self, spouse, and three dependents per policy
  • The Accumulated Total and Tiering placement will be calculated monthly by the total number of Qualified Health Plan new members (on and off- exchange) effectuated and not in grace period.
  • Bright HealthCare plan changes during the SEP do not count towards the bonus program
  • Member terminations, cancellations or record changes will impact accumulated membership totals.
  • Broker at time of bonus payment calculation will be assigned membership. Broker of record changes will not be applied retroactively.
  • Bonus dollar amount per member is based on policy State.
  • The cut-off date for considering payment for retroactive enrollments or adjustments will be the first of the month following the effective date.


  • Payments are made once per member and are not on-going.
  • Bonus will be paid to the agent’s account on file in the commission system at time of payout.Payments will be distributed monthly, no later than the end of the month.

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