September 28

4 Broker Tips to Prepare for AEP

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. And I believe that statement is true when it comes to preparing for AEP.

It goes without saying that two things that agents always leave off are preparing and being organized. And I think those are two key components that really go hand in hand when you're getting ready for AEP.

Tip #1 – Set your Goals

Set Goals for AEP

Number one, set your goals for AEP. I would start with a calendar. You know, first and foremost, that AHIP and the carrier certifications roll out sometime in June or July. We do have a definite date for AHIP this year. It's June 21. So set a date, a realistic date to get those AHIP and all the other testing out of the way, at least by August 1 or at the latest, August 15.

At that time, you have everything you need to be prepared to get into the next phase of AEP, which is going to all the carrier meetings and maybe your FMO meetings that might be out there where you can gather as much information about the next year as you possibly can. With that being said, lean on Tidewater to give us a call. We might have some information to where we already know about some expansions or when the benefits start coming out. We might get that information prior to being able to get it from the carrier

So make sure you contact us or give us a call at 888-622-9122 and we'll give you any information that we have prior to AEP

Tip #2 – Be Organized

Be Organized for AEP

Number two, be organized.

I cannot stress this enough. So now you've already taken all your testing. You've gotten all the carrier information. Now, reevaluate your current book of business. Where do those clients need to go?

You want to get those people all set and ready to go by October 15. So you have a small window of opportunity from October 1 to October 15 to make sure those people are squared away.

Tip #3 – Set Goals for New Enrollments

Number three, what is your goal for new enrollments? Obviously, we want to continue to grow our book of business. So October 15 is the day you want to make sure all your current book of business is taken care of. But now you're moving into growing your book of business, so make sure you set a goal. What's your goals? What markets you'll be working in and be moving forward.

Tip #4 – Order and Organize Materials

Life and Medicare Tips

Last, but not least, materials. I know it can be a mess during this period of time because you're still transitioning from 2020 and 2021 into 2022. So make sure you're extremely organized when it comes to materials. So please organize your materials when it comes to selling, whether it's 2021 or 2022 during the open enrollment period.

For more tips on AEP preparation tips or if you have any questions, give us a call at 888-622-9122 or send us a message.



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