November 24

Humana Pharmacy – Permission to Contact


We're in a very busy time of the year, and we know that you as an agent are extremely busy in the field. We want to briefly remind you about doing the permission to contact form with Humana Pharmacy.

Humana has been a great partner for a lot of us for a lot of years and their mail order prescription drug plans are fabulous. Members who use the mail order are very satisfied. 


For an agent, it helps with persistency. For Humana, it helps with their star ratings, and the better the star rating, the better the product we have to offer our consumers. While you're filling out applications this AEP for your clients for Humana, don't forget to check "yes" on the box for the consent for Humana Pharmacy to reach out to the consumer.

humana consent

Consent and Permission to Contact

Even though Humana Pharmacy is part of the Humana family, it is a separate entity. This means they do not have permission to proactively reach out to our consumers without that consent. It only takes a moment to check that box and to have that discussion with the consumer.

Giving consent for them to contact does not necessarily mean that the consumer has to use Humana pharmacy. However, it at least opens the door for Humana and that consumer to have the discussion about getting their medications through mail order.

mail order pharmacy

For the consumer, number one, they win because their generic medications will be at no cost. As long as they are tier one, tier two, covered under the formula, there will be a zero copay. Number two, the consumer does not have to spend the time or the gas (especially with gas prices going up) to go get their medications.

Humana Pharmacy sends medications on time

Humana does a great job making sure that their customers get their medications in a timely manner.

For you, as an agent, you can be assured that it will help with the persistency of the business. 


Give your customers peace of mind

You should feel confident when your customers have Humana. As mentioned earlier for Humana, it's a win because it will help with the star ratings because the drug adherence shows to be better for individuals who are on the mail order program.

We appreciate the hard work that you are putting in right now as an agent. We know your customers appreciate it and we look forward to a very successful AEP. Give us a call at 888-622-9122 for any support you may need during this busy season.


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