April 1

Manhattan Life latest agent incentives

Keep protecting more customers and getting rewarded for your efforts

Now extended into 2022: Unlimited incentives with ManhattanLifeā€™s Med Supps.

QUALIFY WITH JUST THREE ISSUED POLICIES IN A MONTH. Pays out each month for July, August and September.







Program details

  • Start: July 1, 2022 
  •  End: September 30, 2022

Single Policy Bonus

  • Medicare Supplement Non-Underwritten: $50
  • Medicare Supplement Underwritten: $100

Manhattan Life Qualifying criteria:

  • The policy is submitted through a paper or electronic application (e-Application)
  • The policy issue date is during the Promo Period

Excludes Guaranteed Issue (G.I.) and underage disability business. Issued cases must be underwritten or open enrollment and specific to ManhattanLife Assurance (MAC). Program period runs from July 1, 2022, through September 30, 2022. Qualifying business must be issued by last calendar day of each qualifying month. Integrity Marketing Group (INTEGRITY) has the exclusive right to change the qualifications and/or rules for this program at any time, including cancellation. All decisions by INTEGRITY regarding the program and/or its cancellation are final. MAC has no obligation to sponsor or pay any of the costs of the program for any qualifying participant related to this program. Agent must be actively appointed and remain in good standing with MAC throughout the duration of the contest period. Not available in Washington. FOR AGENT USE ONLY.

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