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Home Care Benefits & Custom care assistance

70% of seniors will need home care in their lifetime.

Do you currently work in the long-term care insurance market? If so, kudos, because statistics tell us that three out of four individuals need more coverage for long-term care. The problem that I see with long-term care is two things.

  1. 1
    It's expensive. A lot of individuals that we work with have waited until they're in their mid to late 60s, early 70s and sometimes even 80s to really start getting serious about long-term care. And by that time, the premiums can be unaffordable. 
  2. 2
    The underwriting is very strict on a lot of the long-term care policies, which make it really challenging for individuals to get the coverage that they're looking for.

Guaranteed issue for most people

There is no underwriting with this product. The client just has to attest that they are suitable for the product, which means a number one, they have to be able to live independently. And number two, they can perform the activities of daily living. That's it. No questions about previous heart attacks, diabetes, any type of chronic long-term conditions.

Just A Few Things Included In These Plans

Grocery Shopping, Meal Planning, Meal preparation

Assistance With Bathing, Toileting, Grooming & Hygiene

Laundry, Ironing, Changing Linens and Light Housekeeping

Monitoring of Diet and Food Expirations

Medication Reminders

Accompany to Place of Worship and Doctors Appointments

True Freedom Home Care Built-in Features


True Freedom Discount Reward Program

Members earn a discount of 10% upon the anniversary and renewal of membership for each year that no home care services have been utilized. That savings will continue for up to 4 years.


Inflation Protection

Because members are contracting for access to “Hours” and not “Days” or “Dollars” the value of plan hours automatically increases over time. As the cost of home care steadily rises through the years, the increased expense is covered at the point in time a member chooses to access their contract hours.


Emergency Care Benefit

For members who unexpectedly require urgent assistance during the 90-day Waiting Period following enrollment, 10% of the initial home care hours of their plan can be accessed immediately.

Get contracted for this True Freedom Home Care Plan

True Freedom Home Care Plans are Service Contracts, NOT Insurance.