Anthem Medicare Advantage

Anthem Medicare Advantage & Part D

With Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans, members can pick the best Medicare plans for their budget and health needs. Anthem offers preventive benefits to help improve health and manage chronic conditions.

  • Preventive services such as regular check-ups, tests, shots, and screenings are included
  • Some plans include vision, dental, and hearing benefits
  • Mobile app offers virtual IDs and a provider search

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About Anthem

  • Founded in 2004
  • Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Certification for Anthem Medicare Advantage

Certification for Anthem requires AHIP training, all assigned compliance training (including Fraud, Waste and Abuse), and product training. Licensure and appointment paperwork should be turned in to all states in which you wish to sell. 

Agents wishing to sell SNP plans must also take both the SNP and Part D modules as part of their certification, as well as the HMO or PPO module, depending on the type of SNP plan available to market in their area. This product training is in addition to the required compliance training. 

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FOR AGENT USE ONLY - Cannot be distributed to the public or used in any consumer solicitation. Plans may not be available in all states. Contact Tidewater Management Group (National FMO) for more details at (888) 622-9122.