Virginia Premier Medicare Advantage Elite (HMO SNP)

About Virginia Premier

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For over 20 years, Virginia Premier have been supporting the Virginia community, currently serving over 220,000 Medicaid members state wide. In 2016, they launched Medicare Advantage Elite (HMO SNP), a Medicare / Medicaid dual eligible plan. In 2020, they expanded to all counties in the state of Virginia.

Virginia Premier’s network includes:

  • 3,460 Primary Care Providers
  • 22,679 Specialists
  • 216 Hospitals
  • 1,500 Pharmacies

Key Network Providers:

  • Bon Secours Health System
  • VCU Health
  • HCA Health System
  • UVA
  • CCNV (FQHCs)
  • BalladHealth
  • Sentara
Virginia Premier Medicare Advantage Elite (HMO SNP)

Virginia Premier Medicare Advantage Elite (HMO SNP)

What is a Medicare Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan?

A Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (DSNP) is a type of Medicare Advantage Plan. The benefits offered, provider choices, and list of covered drugs are designed specifically for Duals in the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus) program. These plans have care coordinators who will work with members to coordinate Medicare and Medicaid services.

What is the eligibility for Virginia Premier Medicare Advantage Elite (HMO SNP)?

  • You must have both Medicare Parts
    “A” and “B” and be a Medicaid recipient
  • You must be a permanent resident in the area where the plan is offered
  • Eligibility is not affected by pre-existing health conditions

What are the advantages of choosing a D-SNP plan?

  • Care coordination
  • No premiums or co-pays for doctor or specialist visits. You may have some co-pays for prescription drugs
  • Added benefits not covered by Medicare or Medicaid
  • More focused care to ensure you receive the help you need to manage your health

Advantage Elite Plan Benefits

$0 Monthly Plan Benefit

$7,550 Annual Out of Pocket Max

$0 PCP/ Specialist Office Visit

Routine Vision – MLTSS Supplemental Benefit

$250 for eyewear or contacts every year

Routine Hearing/hearing aids – $0 copay, 1 exam per year, $1250 allowance every 3 years

Dental – $3,000 per year for fillings, crowns, extractions, implants, dentures

Routine Footcare – 8 Routine Visits Annually

Routine Chiropractor – 6 Routine Visits Annually

Fitness – Paid in full with network facility

OTC – $1,400 year/$350 quarter

Meal Delivery – MLTSS Supplemental Benefit

Nurse Hotline – MLTSS Benefit

What Services Does Medicare Cover and What Services Does Medicaid Cover?



Inpatient hospital care (including psychiatric inpatient), outpatient care physician and specialists services (including psychiatric outpatient visits), skilled nursing facility care, home health care, hospice care, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, etc.


Medicaid (CCC Plus)

Medicare coinsurance and deductibles, hospital and skilled nursing when Medicare benefits are exhausted, long term nursing facility care (custodial), community based long term services and supports, over the counter medicines, incontinence products, community mental health services, addiction and recovery services, etc.

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