Medicare Center Enrollment Tool

Enroll a client in 20-30 minutes without leaving your home/office
The best part? This tool is offered to our agents absolutely FREE!

Ronnie James TMG


Independent Agent

I had a customer walk in to the office today. He aged into Medicare in August and had not made any choices. He wrote a UHC Plan #1 policy for a 10/1 effective date with me. I used the Medicare Center to enroll him and it was a breeze. I looked up the doctor and drugs with no issues and even printed the application. This was the first time I used it and am confident that all TMG agents will be able to do it.

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So many powerful tools in one.

  • Send electronic comparisons to clients quickly and compliantly
  • Cross-compare plans among multiple carriers.
  • Use the CRM tool to track new/existing clients.

Broker-Specific URLs

We offer personalized walkthroughs on the system, so no need to stress.

  • Brokers automatically receive commission for any enrollments completed through their page.
  • Each shopping site enforces unique broker licensing rules, showing only the plans that the broker is licensed to sell. This ensures that brokers can always receive commission for the plans purchased through their page.
  • Brokers can provide a direct link to their URL in their email signature or marketing materials.
  • Each page is personalized with the broker's contact information at the top, allowing beneficiaries to quickly and easily contact the broker at any time.
  • Brokers automatically receive an email notification when an enrollment is submitted through their page!