MedicareCENTER just got better, with new features that lead to a winning AEP.

Compliantly manage clients, compare plans, get quotes, electronically enroll clients, and more — all from one convenient and efficient platform. And It's Free to use!

Put managing the client relationship on auto-pilot!

When you use MedicareCENTER, with comprehensive features like MedicareAPP, MedicareLINK and Medicare Supplement quoting, everything about enrollment is simplified. You can stop spending time searching the web for enrollment and quoting tools. MedicareCENTER has just one login and all the tools needed to best serve your clients, all in one place.

New features in MedicareCENTER:

  • Enhanced all-in-one CRM for managing and following up with clients, from lead to quoting to enrollment
  • Easily import your existing book of business to better serve the lifecycle of each client
  • Reminders and activities to help you manage your workday
  • Access to all of CSG’s data and e-app services, for free

MedicareCENTER already has:

  • The ability to compliantly send scope of appointments by text
  • Access to MedicareAPP and MedicareLINK enrollment and quoting tools
  • A Learning Center with technology guides, demos and more
  • Access all the quoting and enrollment platforms you need using an all-in-one universal login. One username. One password. One site for everything. It’s all finally in one place, thanks to Integrity.

I had a customer walk in to the office today. He aged into Medicare in August and had not made any choices. He wrote a UHC Plan #1 policy for a 10/1 effective date with me. I used the MedicareCENTER to enroll him and it was a breeze. I looked up the doctor and drugs with no issues and even printed the application. This was the first time I used it and am confident that all TMG agents will be able to do it.

Ronnie James TMG


Independent Agent

MedicareCENTER 2.0 Product Training - Contact Management System

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2 Ways to Enroll Your Clients

We have the top two e-enrollment platforms in the industry. Each has powerful features and benefits – you can work with your Marketer to decide the best fit.

Medicare Pharmacy


If you are one of the thousands of agents who have used or are currently using MedicareCENTER, you’ll feel right at home with some new enhancements, features and a new look of our MedicareAPP.

  • Shop, quote, enroll, electronically on any device
  • Access extensive list of carriers
  • Estimate cost using guided help and more…
  • Deliver pricing based on LOCAL pharmacy pricing (no regional averages ever used)
  • Save drug lists and improve quote accuracy
  • Ensure beneficiaries always see reliable annual out-of-pocket estimates when medicine cabinet is included
  • MedicareAPP’s Electronic Signature features let you engage your clients electronically in the way they prefer — by text, yes by TEXT, by email or both.
  • And MedicareAPP’s Blue Button feature helps your clients build their medicine cabinet quickly and easily


MedicareLINK lets you search plans by physician and compare coverage options to your clients’ current plans.

  • Search plans by clients’ doctor and compare to their current health plan.
  • Sign scope of appointments and applications via text or email.
  • Enroll clients electronically on any device!
  • Pick up where you left off with clients on-the-fly
  • Quickly quote, follow up and kickoff an enrollment based on each client’s needs
  •  Works on any device, sell whenever, wherever you areEasy to use reporting tools to track performance and success!

This may be the largest AEP ever! Don't Miss Out!

Medicare Supplement Quoting

Because we know you have clients where a Medicare Supplement plan is a fit, MedicareCENTER also includes a Supplemental Quoting feature. Having all of these quoting and enrollment features in MedicareCENTER means you have access to the quoting and enrollment systems from all of the major carriers in one place.

  • Quickly and easily quote on key factors
  • Find the right plans for your clients
  • Industry-leading quote data sources
  • And remember — you can access them anytime, anywhere, using any device!
Medicare Supplement Quoting
Medicare CRM

Simplified CRM

Client Relationship Management

  • Simply manage clients electronically, on any device!
  • Track clients regardless of enrollment or quoting system
  • Create a new client with just email or phone number
  • Plan communications and next steps

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