Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

The average cost of a funeral is $7,848*. Final expense, at an affordable cost, can assist your clients with expenses at the end of life.

Protect your client's financial security, future and peace of mind.

You can't always control what happens to you or your family, but you can help provide financial security and peace of mind when the time comes with final expense whole life insurance.

This type of life insurance is designed to help family members prepare for the expenses associated with the end of life, which can easily add up to thousands of dollars. With a final expense plan, your family can focus on healing, knowing that money doesn't have to be the main concern.

How can Final Expense Insurance help?

Hospital Emergency

Out-of-Pocket Medical Bills

Even with Medicare or private insurance, elderly households may still be at risk of having large out-of-pocket health care costs at the end of life, which could create a significant financial strain.

Legal and Accounting Costs

Legal and Accounting Costs

Probate proceedings and associated accounting charges can come as a surprise to family and loved ones. Probate expenses vary by state and the process can span months or even years.

Final Expense Funeral with flowers

Funeral and Burial Expenses

A funeral is often a significant financial burden for a family, with the average cost estimated to be $7,848.1. Despite the misconception that cremation is a cheaper option, it is only 15% lower in cost than a traditional funeral.

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Final Expense Insurance Features

Affordable Rates

Final expense insurance provides inexpensive, fixed payments that remain constant throughout the policy's duration.

Pays Cash Benefits

The monetary advantage of final expense insurance can be used for funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, or any other requirement to assist family and friends.

Quick Approvals

Answer a few questions about your health and we'll determine which plans you are eligible for.

Lifetime Coverage

Your final expense insurance stays active as long as your payments are up to date.

Builds Cash Value

Our final expense insurance policies accumulate cash value, which can be borrowed against or serve as a non-forfeiture benefit.

Payment Mode Flexibility

Our payment plans are adjustable or you can synchronize your payment with your Social Security disbursement.

How much Final Expense coverage does your client need?

Various elements can affect the amount of final expense life insurance you need. Examining your monthly bills can help you determine the amount of money you'd like your beneficiaries to receive. Here are a few costs to consider:


The expense of a funeral, interment, cremation, or other service.

Utility Bills

Bills for services such as electricity, water, and garbage


Food, including groceries and dining out

Medical expenses

Medical expenses

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* Forbes Advisor - How Much Does A Funeral Cost. Updated Jan 19, 2022. Accessed Apr 7, 2022.

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