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Why can't I log into MedicareCENTER or receive the Password Reset Email?

Have you previously registered for MedicareCENTER? If you haven't, you need to click the "Register" link and follow the steps before you can get access. After submitting the registration form, you will be sent an email with a registration confirmation button in the body of the email. "Right-click" on the button and select the option "open in new tab." This will open a new tab in your browser with the message of "Registration Successful. You may now log into your MedicareCENTER account"

If you have previously registered for the platform and that registration occurred after 10/1/21 then the reset password email is likely getting captured by spam or junk. If you haven't registered your account since 10/1/21, do so now to get access.

If you save your log in credentials, there is an "eye" icon to the right of the password field at the log in screen. If you click the Eye, it will un-hide the password.

Your account may become locked if you have too many unsuccessful attempts to log in. If this happens, you will need to wait a minimum of 60 minutes before you can request a password reset link to be issued. Do not attempt to log in again before requesting a password reset otherwise the account will become locked for an additional 60 minutes.

If technical issues continue, contact TMG at 888-622-9122 or directly contact the MedicareCENTER Support Team - (email: support@medicarecenter.com) (phone: 888-818-3760)

How do I get access to the NEW MedicareCENTER mobile app?

Go to your devices App Store. Search "Medicarecenter" all one word. The app is labeled MedicareCENTER with an image of the Integrity "I". Once downloaded to your device, you can log in using the same credentials as the desktop platform. Do not attempt to re-register once in the Mobile App. It will give you an error message or tell you "The NPN already exists"

Where is my dedicated recorded phone number?

You can find your assigned recorded phone number by logging into MedicareCENTER, click your name in the top left corner, and select "Account." The phone number will be on the right side of the page at the top. If you registered your account with a 1-800 or 888 number, you need to change your "contact phone number" on the left side of the page to a local number. This will then have the system allocate a dedicated number matching the number's area code in your contact details.

Is there a way to add carriers I am not appointed with or have direct to the carrier?

Only carriers you have with us, or another Integrity Partner will show up as an option to enroll. You can add non-licensed plans but can only view them. To do so, run a quote in "contacts". On the left side of the screen, you have filter options, find the section that says "Additional Options." Uncheck the box that says "My appointed plans". This will then show all available plans in the zip code selected.

Why am I missing some carrier permissions for that were previously active or missing new carriers offering 2023 plans?

Our Dev team is working on these carrier permissions, and they will continue to be mapped and loaded up until 10/15. Please ask agents to be patient as they work through these widespread issues.

The issues are being resolved, but each of the 3 enrollment options within MedicareCENTER (Contacts, MedicareApp, and MedicareLINK) may be resolved at different times. Carriers only provide 2023 data after 10/1 at midnight so if they issue information incorrectly or there are unforeseen glitches, we are not aware of them until after the data is pushed into the system and made live. It is only at that point that our team can then begin fixing any bugs or glitches that arise. The Dev team does a great job correcting these pop-up issues quickly.

This year there seem to be more inconsistencies with the launch because we have implemented a larger-than-usual change for 2023 plans and compliance restraints have changed with the new requirements so there has been an added level of difficulty. With that said, the dev team will have issues resolved as soon as possible but are operating with the expectation that all issues will be addressed and corrected no later than 10/15. 

Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy using the new systems and features this AEP.

How can I quickly quote 2023 plans in MedicareCENTER?

Contacts will only allow you to quote plans by first creating a profile. I recommend that agents create a test profile for this purpose. Have them name the contact something they will easily recognize as the test account. I like using "Testing McTesterson", but creativity points should be awarded to the funniest version of it. If he wants to quickly quote benefit highlights, CSG will be a better method. If the agent wants to compare plans, in detail, or retrieve docs (Summary of benefits, star rating, EOC, etc) then they should do so in Contacts using the dummy account.

Which PURL should I use for 2023?

You actually have 3 PURLs for 2023. I recommend using "Contacts" as the preferred enrollment system moving forward starting with 2023 products. To get a copy of the link, log into MedicareCENTER. Click your name in the top right-hand corner and select Account. On that page, you will see a section that reads "Personal Agent Website" with a big blue button that below it saying "Copy Link." Click the button and paste it where needed to use the NEW Purl, which is now called PAW (Personal Agent Website).

How do I add the PURL to my website or email signature so it acts like a clickable link?

Copy new PURL. When inserting in email signature select "Insert Hyperlink." Paste the link in the "URL" field and enter the name you want the link to be called in the "Label" field. Hit save. For websites, open your email and start new message. Use the "insert Hyperlink" option. The process to create the hyperlink is the same as above. Once it's created in the body of your email you can "copy" the created link and then paste it into your website using the method your website platform requires to make edits.

2023 information will not be available until the morning of 10/15. Until then, the member will only see options for 11/1 or 12/1 effective date 2022 plans.

Which writing number is needed to submit business with UHC if I have an individual and agency writing number

If the agent has an Agency writing number with UHC, they must use it and NOT their individual writing number. There isn't a method to switch accounts once in MedicareCENTER, so the agent in that case will need to log out of their individual portal and log back in using their Agency credentials. Unfortunately, the data is not shared between accounts so if the information is entered into one portal, it WON'T be shown in the other. I.E. profile created and enrollment submitted in Agency account for UHC, details are NOT shown in their individual portal and vice versa.

If they have not registered their Agency with MedicareCENTER, they will need to do so. I recommend that when registering the Agency, they enter the Agency Name in the "First Name" field and type "Agency" in the "Last Name" field. This helps the agent identify which portal (agency vs. individual) quickly.

Where is SilverScript in "Active Selling Permissions?"

SilverScript is considered "Aetna PDP" in the Active Selling Permissions section of MedicareCENTER.

Is there a way to follow the apps in MedicareCENTER?

MedicareCENTER doesn't offer an app status system. It is up to each carrier and their respective portal to show that information. If concerned that there may be an issue with an app or you don't see it reflected in the carrier portal reporting system after a week from date of app submission, I'd recommend speaking with the carrier directly.

How can I compare Rx costs with multiple pharmacies when using Contacts?

The new CRM prescription portion "should" give you the same information as we have seen in MedicareAPP or LINK. I do know that for this selling season, there will be only 1 pharmacy that can be selected when creating the profile, however, you can list the other options in the notes portion of the profile if the client uses multiple. When trying to compare costs between pharmacies, all that is needed is a quick edit. You click the pharmacy label at the top of the quotes page, this will bring you back to the pharmacy section, click edit, select the new pharmacy and then hit find plans again.

The development team is well aware of the pharmacy issue and are already working on a solution for next year. I am hoping they can get it implemented early next year, however, the update won't happen during AEP.

Can I complete the carrier HRA/VBE in MedicareCENTER? Which carriers offer it? What are the timeframes/instructions on completing per carrier?

MedicareCENTER Plan Comparison Doc

Call Recording user guide/manual provided by MedicareCENTER

Can I upload my B.O.B. into MedicareCENTER without needing the clients phone number and email address?

Although the CSV Template says "required" for both phone and email address, it's not actually the case. You MUST have one or the other, but not both. Leave the other field blank, do not write N/A, none, blank, etc. in the cell.

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