The TMG Story

Founded in 2006, Tidewater Management Group is an independent marketing organization with access to the latest technology, second-to-none marketing strategies and materials. TMG is an Integrity Marketing Group partner located in Raleigh, NC with a dynamic, trustworthy support staff. We empower our teams to perform with a sense of polished professionalism you won’t find anywhere else.

We value honesty, transparency and authenticity because that’s how you build trust. We aren’t flashy, ostentatious, or overly ‘salesy,’ instead we’re professional, respectful, and kind. We’re a dynamic group of young, energetic, and motivated entrepreneurs focused on providing you the high-quality, personalized support you need to succeed. Supporting excellence.

An Integrity Company

Integrity Partner Map

What we offer Independent Agents

  • Personalized agent support for each of our broker partners
  • Strong relationships with several of the largest marketing organizations in the country
  • An unbiased mobile quoting tool
  • Exclusive agent resources
  • Incentive trips
  • Webinars
  • Training over the phone with our highly qualified agent support specialists 
  • Quarterly face-to-face training meetings and seminars
  • Reward programs
  • Lead programs
  • Our exclusive VIP Portal
  • The MedicareCENTER

Our Core Values

Tidewater is now partnering with Integrity


At Tidewater, we strive to have integrity in everything we do from day-to-day office tasks, to focusing on agent support, to being there to answer questions and solve problems.


Everyone that walks into our office feels the warmth of our connections. We truly feel like family and not just co-workers. We were there for each other just like we're there for our agents. Our family extends much farther then the walls of our office all the way across the country, anywhere we have agents.

TMG volunteering


It is so important to give back. At Tidewater, one of our favorite things to do is volunteer to serve. From going to the food bank to collecting and donating canned goods, to donating toys to local children's hospitals, we hope we can make a small difference.

Raleigh AEP Seminar


Respect is an important value to hold when creating and maintaining lasting connections. Mutual respect between us at Tidewater and our carriers as well as between us and our agents is something you can count on.


Partnership is at the core of Tidewater. Without the partnership with all of our agents as well as our partnership with Integrity, we would not be where we are today.