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Founded in 2006, Tidewater Management Group is an independent marketing organization with access to the latest technology, second-to-none marketing strategies and materials.

David Smith
December 13, 2023

I have been with TMG for many years and have recently transferred contracts with other FMOs over to Tidewater. Great people there who are ready to serve.

Charles Ussery
December 13, 2023

Couldn’t be more pleased with my partnership with TMG. Everyone at the Raleigh office is more than happy to offer their guidance and support through any obstacle I may come across. They have provided so much training through their website and social media accounts. They’ve reached out during crucial enrollment periods offering a helping hand if needed as well as throwing some amazing leads my way. Thanks TMG family!!

Penny Neil
December 13, 2023

Tidewater is great to work with and I enjoy being around the leaders that are so knowledgeable and personable at the same time. They really have it together.

Chelsea Rose Walsh
December 11, 2023

Any time I have questions someone is always available for answers. Definitely have to credit my success to this team!

Phyllis Smith
December 11, 2023

Totally impressed with the quick responses to all my inquiries during the recent Medicare AEP. This is so important when schedules are hectic.

Ursula Mcheimer
December 11, 2023

Great team with amazing leadership!

Gerald McNair
December 11, 2023
John Phillips
December 11, 2023

Working with Tidewater has been great! the trainings are on point and Ronnie James is wonderful at answering questions and following up!!

Cathy Lewis
September 7, 2023

I recently joined Tidewater Management Group. Michael, Nick and Ronnie have been so helpful. I am really looking forward to the opportunities that will come in the future from working with this group. Thank You TMG

Eliseo Tajanlangit RN
September 6, 2023

I finally got to meet Mike Newton of Tidewater Management Group OFFLINE. He is as genuine as one could get both online and offline. I was privileged to also meet Mike's father, Gary, at Medicare and Margaritas. Mike poured his knowledge into the attendees and he did not hold back. I learned a lot for sure. I'm sure it made Mike so happy to see his father light up knowing what Medicare opportunities are available for him as well.

April 24, 2023

I'm updating this post, because I had a couple representatives from Tidewater reach out to me, regarding the delay in my release. For this particular carrier, it takes a little longer, due to having to go through another upline. They let me know the process of what was needed, and they sent me the paperwork to take care of the release. Everything is all good now, especially since they provided me the reason for the delay.

Keezy Baby
March 21, 2023

This Agency is phenomenal I know I made the right decision . Tidewater is elite! The first time I met Mike Newton in person it was a great experience. I could feel his genuine energy ! They give great support !

Beveisha Youmans
February 15, 2023

Grateful to be managed by this group… They are there when I need them for anything..

Patrick Pangle
October 20, 2022

Awesome experience with a guy that always puts others first and is always willing to help!

Clayton Clemons
September 10, 2022

Mike Newtons a great partner sharing amazing tips and motivation daily!

Robert Swander
September 9, 2022

Highly recommend this group for all your insurance needs. True Leaders in the industry!

Amanda Graves
September 7, 2022

Mike Newton at Tidewater has been such a great aid to me. He is quick to reply, supportive, honest, and not pushy; all which I value tremendously. He has given me great advice on ways to grow my business and has encouraged me to keep the "20 mile march".

Daniel Leonard
September 7, 2022

As a new agent wanting to grow my business, and do it the right way, I am very thankful I found Tidewater Management. Mike Newton has been an incredible help getting me started and has provided A TON of resources to guide me towards my goals. Bobby Heptinstall has been a great help, he’s always very responsive and quick to get the answers you need. I am very thankful for TMG, they treat you like family.

Richard Ledbetter
September 7, 2022

Michael Newton and staff have a wealth of insurance knowledge and are always willing to go the extra mile. Messages are always returned promptly.

Roger Richards
February 7, 2022

Just wanted to give Michael Newton a big thank you. He really went above and beyond in helping me start a digital presence.

duncan pea
December 17, 2021
kimberly mcmullin
October 11, 2021
Rhonda Richmond
October 1, 2021

I highly recommend any agent or agency to contract under this marketing organization. Tidewater Management treats you as if you are a part of their family. This organization goes above and beyond assisting you to make sure you have every tool possible to be successful in the insurance industry. The staff at Tidewater Management are all professionals in their area of expertise. I work closely with Bobby Heptinstall and I can count on him being on top of new carriers coming into my market and following up on every contract that I submit. Bobby, has shown me that I can count on him and his team for all guidance and needs. If you are looking for a marketing organization that cares about you and your success then Tidewater Management is the organization which you need to be under. Let Tidewater Management help your work load be less stressful.

Cliff Coleman
August 31, 2021
August 17, 2021

Management & Staff are very knowledgeable, responsive, and, professional. Mike Newton has assembled a team that it is truly interested in helping others succeed.

Rondi Goodman
August 12, 2021

I feel very fortunate to have found such a helpful and caring fmo. Every single person I work with is 100% quality. They get back to me quickly, provide stellar training and support me in all my insurance endeavors. Mike Newton and Ronnie James push me to challenge myself and go further than I thought I could go. Most importantly these folks are real...they do what they say they are going to do and care about myself and my family. Couldn't be happier. 100 💥💥💥💥💥💥

Patricia Hill
July 30, 2021

I want to thank Mike Newton for his professionalism and also what he does to make sure that not only me but all agents are successful . He is honest, and he will not make promises like other FMOs do and not deliver. I am really glad that I am a part of Tidewater Management Group. The whole team is GREAT.

Thomas Dickson
July 29, 2021

I've had a positive ok experience with the group. They have up to date information. And follow up with their clients.

Chris Hebert
June 18, 2021

I never take the time to write anything on these, but this group here is worth the time to tell people how awesome they are!!!!! I spoke with Mike, this man has a true passion for the industry. He promised to have all paperwork sent over by the end of the day, and before he got off the phone with me his team was on it. If you're looking or a new home, someone that will take care of you, and support you this is the place!

Donald Doe Jr
May 6, 2021

Mike Newton is a wealth of knowledge, and support. I feel extremely blessed to have my agency affiliated with an awesome business partner like Tidewater and Mike Newton. Mike also does an excellent job of creating great training content on Facebook.

Robert Delgado
May 6, 2021

Fantastic agents, amazing company. Very knowledgeable, and responsive to needs.

Jacob Reyna
April 14, 2021

Since joining Mike Newton with Tidewater our group of 3 when from running around like.chickens with our heads off to turning 14k plus a week. Quick, Professional, Friendly, and get the job done If youre debating, just jump

Carrie Ballard
March 23, 2021

Kevin Smith is great to work with! He has helped Tar Heel Insurance of Haywood County Inc. to maximize its reach with CRM, Website and Social Media set-up and recommendations for the agency! He is a rock star at Tidewater Management Group!

James Campbell
December 5, 2020

I have been seeking my path into the medicare market and I need look no further. It only took a few conversations and looking into the scene to find Tidewater, and Mike Newton, the man who brought me in are the real deal. Tidewater not only offers all the carriers one would ever need, they provide you with the direction and tools to utilize each of their products to fit a clients needs. Hard time finding people to help? They are by far ahead of the curve in terms of where to not only find clients, but also positioning yourself for them to find you, building the brand. I'm not sure what else one needs besides people to see, products to help them, tools to be more efficient, and information on the education to Make It Happen. But if someone does need something else, I'm sure they have that too, I just haven't needed it yet. Tidewater has it all!

Valley Senior Benefits
November 19, 2020

Mike Newton and the entire TMG Team are wonderful to work with. If you want to work with an FMO that invests in its broker partners success and growth look no further than TMG.

Blanche Hayden
September 22, 2020

I am so impressed with Tidewater Management Group. Their quick responsiveness to needs, quality of training and friendliness are outstanding. They make contracting and becoming a successful agent easy. I'm proud to be a part of the very professional Tidewater team.

Steven Ford
August 11, 2020

Jessica Gonyo and the rest of the Tidewater Management team have been fantastic at supporting us through the contracting and onboarding phase of our relationship. I appreciate their vision into how seniors will do business in the future and how to grow our business not just in 2020, but in future as business needs change.

Nate Doud
July 16, 2020

Mike Newton and the Tidewater team are a class act! I love seeing Mikes content online and how he brings his talents to the front line. Keep it up my friend.

JF Strawderman
July 14, 2020

Mike Newton and the whole TMG team has be a huge help in getting me caught up and going in the right path on my Medicare business. They are Top of the industry and very helpful!

Michael Escobar
May 27, 2020
Miranda Hapner
December 18, 2019

TMG and especially Michael Newton have proven themselves to be a game-changer! With other FMO's it can be like we have zero support but with TMG they are there for their downlines and even those who aren't yet in their downline. A true class act!

donna paschal
November 27, 2019

As a Broker I am so thankful to be a part of Tidewater Management. I have been given everything I need to be sucessful in helping my clients from them and they are always there to answer questions or help in any situation that may come up. I can't imagine working with any other group. I will be with TMG for years to come and highly recommend them.

Bruce Petersen
August 9, 2019

The FMO you choose makes a big difference for new as well as established brokers. I transferred a large book of business to TMG because of the professional care and support I have received from their team. Whether you need help with training, contracting, leads, or just questions TMG is there to help. Mike and Jessica have been great!

Jassen Garner
August 7, 2019

I’m so grateful to be associated with this outstanding organization! The support my agency has received from these folks has allowed me to grow my business and be successful in the senior market. What I really enjoy is knowing there are real people at Tidewater I can count and want to help me any way they can. I recommend them to agents who are new to the business and agents that are seasoned Medicare professionals.

Judy Atkinson
August 6, 2019

Tidewater is such a wonderful company to be associated with! They care deeply about their agents and are always available to help! They have loads of training and tools available to help their agents get on top and STAY on top of their game! Love this company!!

Michele Johnson
August 5, 2019

We stopped by Tidewater Management and met with Mike Newton in July. He gave us a great tour and introduced us to most of the staff. Everyone was very nice and made us feel very welcome!

Marion Sole
August 5, 2019

It has been pleasure to select TMG as my upline, after 11 years in the industry, I know the difference between uplines and TMG hits all the marks. They provide, training, support, fast response time and more to keep my agency up to speed. My contact Michael Escobar goes beyond for me and the back office is perfect. No need to go elsewhere for the highest commissions, day one vesting, resources and top carriers as well.

Amanda Alberico
August 5, 2019

I worked with Mike Newton and he was honest, excellent with communication and knew an answer to any question I had. Awesome guy to work with and a extremely reliable!

Jerry Poston
August 5, 2019

I have just Joined Tidewater and I have had Great Experiences in joining. I have a 1 on 1 contact that will call, text, messager and email me anytime. Michael Escobar has been Great in keeping me updated on Contracting and New Opportunities for my Team. They are upfront on the Commissions and you know exactly where your Partnership is going forward toward AEP. Thank YOU!!

Deborah Lee
April 26, 2019

I have just recently joined this group and have nothing but a positive experience and definitely an out standing group of professionals to work with!! Debbie Lee

Tidewater Management Group is Integrity, Family, Service, Respect, and Partnership.

TMG is an Integrity Marketing Group partner located in Raleigh, NC with a dynamic, trustworthy support staff. We empower our teams to perform with a sense of polished professionalism you won’t find anywhere else.

We value honesty, transparency and authenticity because that’s how you build trust. We aren’t flashy, ostentatious, or overly ‘salesy,’ instead we’re professional, respectful, and kind. We’re a dynamic group of young, energetic, and motivated entrepreneurs focused on providing you the high-quality, personalized support you need to succeed. Supporting excellence.

Our Core Values


At Tidewater, we strive to have integrity in everything we do from day-to-day office tasks, to focusing on agent support, to being there to answer questions and solve problems.


Everyone that walks into our office feels the warmth of our connections. We truly feel like family and not just co-workers. We were there for each other just like we're there for our agents. Our family extends much farther then the walls of our office all the way across the country, anywhere we have agents.


It is so important to give back. At Tidewater, one of our favorite things to do is volunteer to serve. From going to the food bank to collecting and donating canned goods, to donating toys to local children's hospitals, we hope we can make a small difference.


Respect is an important value to hold when creating and maintaining lasting connections. Mutual respect between us at Tidewater and our carriers as well as between us and our agents is something you can count on.


Partnership is at the core of Tidewater. Without the partnership with all of our agents as well as our partnership with Integrity, we would not be where we are today.

What we offer Independent Agents

Agent Support

Personalized agent support for each of our broker partners

Strong relationships with several of the largest marketing organizations in the country

Strong relationships with several of the largest marketing organizations in the country

An unbiased mobile quoting tool

An unbiased Mobile Quoting Tool

Exclusive agent resources

Exclusive Agent Resources

Incentive trips

Incentive Trips



Training over the phone with our highly qualified agent support specialists

Training over the phone with our highly qualified agent support specialists

Seminars and Meetings

Quarterly Face-to-Face Training Meetings and Seminars

Reward programs

Reward Programs

Lead Programs

Lead Programs


Our exclusive VIP Portal


The MedicareCENTER

An Integrity Company

Integrity Partner Map

What Our Broker Partners Say About Us

Agency Owner Kevin Brown
Wealth Alliance Group Llc

Insurance Broker Reginald Spence
Rds Insurance Marketing Solutions, Llc

Agent Ken Schaefer
Schaefer Business Associates

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