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Quality, real-time leads with Integrity’s LeadCENTER.

Acquire and manage leads more simpler than ever before with LeadCENTER – available exclusively to Integrity Partners and their contracted agents, advisors and agencies.

LeadCENTER, a proprietary lead buying and selling platform,  provides real-time access to millions of exclusive and compliant leads, helping our partners and agents maximize their return on investment. The platform’s built-in functionality for lead projections and heat mapping — as well as support from a full lead-generation team — ensures Integrity partners always have access to the industry’s top-performing consumer leads. It also helps consumers get answers to their insurance questions as quickly as possible from qualified agents.

LeadCENTER’s growing set of features is game-changing. Set up lead campaigns and enable real-time lead acquisition through data or call leads. With the flip of a switch, toggle your status to“online” to begin receiving your leads!

Or use the lead mapping feature to find and purchase leads anywhere in the country, county by county. Choose from Internet, Direct Mail and Social Media leads, then purchase leads with just a few clicks and you’ll be ready to contact your new clients.

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What else does LeadCENTER offer?

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Access to TCPA compliant and exclusive leads

New lead notifications— based on your saved search history

Competitive lead pricing — manage your budget

Management of pre-existing leads —all of your leads in one place

Immediate access to leads from any where in the United States— no waiting

Leads with complete contact details including scanned Direct Mail images

LeadCENTER Lead Types

Sourced from a variety of channels including direct mail, socialmedia and digital, agents can find the best prospect for your business needs.

Lead Center Scoring is a game-changer

Sourced from a variety of channels including direct mail, social media and digital, agents can find the best prospect for your business needs.

How does Lead Scoring work?

  • Leads are evaluated by criteria and attributes, including consumer demographics, age of lead, source of lead, carrier reporting, engagement level and more.
  • Lead scores are assigned from 1–100, reflecting the propensity for the lead to convert into a paying client.
  • Score-based tiers group leads into easily searchable levels, priced by lead quality. Agents can select the tiers and the number of leads to help them meet their goals.

Social Media

Leads generated through insurance-specific social media advertising, specifically Facebook and YouTube.

Direct Mail Leads

Leads generated through product-specific direct mailers where a consumer has returned a business reply card.

Internet Leads

Leads generated through internet advertising from a variety of top-performing lead sources/insurance sites and from insurance-specific landing pages.

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