Online Contracting 

The online contracting process is simple and easy! Contract with multiple carriers and products with one-click.

The online contracting process is simple and easy! We are pleased to provide agents an opportunity to contract with multiple carriers and products in one place.

To prepare for your contracting process, you will need:

  • A copy of your E&O insurance (PDF format recommended)
  • A copy of a voided check (PDF format recommended)
  • Your state license number(s)

If you have never contracted with TMG before and would like more information, you can fill out this contact form. Otherwise, access SuranceBay now. 

The username and password that you use for our quoting tools or VIP portal is not the same login to complete your contracting. If you are unsure of your credentials to access your contracting portal, please visit the login page and click on ‘Password Recovery.’ If you have never created an account with SuranceBay & Tidewater, you will need to click on ‘New User.’

If you experience any issues during the contracting process and have questions about how to proceed, please contact one of Tidewater’s dedicated Contracting Support at 888-622-9122.

You can browse the products and carriers available with Tidewater by clicking here now.

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