GTL's Advantage Plus Elite

GTL’s Advantage Plus Elite Plan is expanding!

We have some exciting from GTL to share with you.  Many of you have chosen to add them to your

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Countdown to AEP: Tips for a strong finish

It is the last week of AEP for 2022, so we wanted to reach out and talk to our agent

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GTL Fill the Gaps Tool

How to use GTL’s Fill the Gaps Tool

Get Instant hospital indemnity coverage recommendations based on your client's Medicare Advantage plan! Watch GTL's short video and see how

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Earn $200 per underwrittten e-app

CVS Health’s Supplemental Bonus Program

End the year on a high note The more you submit, the more you earn with the CVS Health Bonus

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Marketing and Content in the Medicare Industry

As agents, FMOs, and Carriers we need to be thoughtful as we prepare to market for the annual enrollment period.

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Nassau Medicare Supplement Bonus

Receive $125 per app

Nassau Medicare Supplement agent incentives

Nassau Insurance Producer Bonus Program Our process can help you close sales! Nassau's medicare supplement offers all of its contracted

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Guarantee Trust Life Hospital Indemnity Plan

GTL latest bonus incentives

Earn more with GTL's 4th quarter bonus program For qualified Hospital Indemnity, Precision Care Cancer, Recover Cash, Home Care Secure,

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Agent Testimonial

Tidewater Management Group goes above and beyond

"I highly recommend any agent or agency to contract under this marketing organization. Tidewater Management treats you as if you

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GTL Advantage Plus® Elite now available in Illinois, Tennessee and Ohio

The newest Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Advantage Plus Elite, is now available in Illinois, Tennessee and Ohio!This update is currently available

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Great Western Final Expense Bonus

Give Me Five incentive program Earn unlimited bonuses with GWIC’s Earn $200 for every five taken applications from October 1,

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New Diabetes Rule in the Medicare Market

We know everyone's preparing for a busy selling season, but we wanted to talk to you about the new diabetes

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Old Woman Gardening

GTL Advantage Plus® Elite Agent Bonus

Get Started on GTL's September Bonus Program! For qualified Hospital Indemnity, Precision Care Cancer, Recover Cash, Home Care Secure, and

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Medico Incentive Bonus

Liberty Bankers Insurance Group Incentives

Unlimited bonuses during Q4 Earn big with American Benefit Life’s new Med Supp. American Benefit Life’s new Medicare Supplement has

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Compliant Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Compliant Marketing It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your content, customer information, and agency practices comply

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True Freedom’s Summer Incentive Program

Earn Generous Bonuses with True Freedom True Freedom’s Home Run Summer Incentive Program is coming June 1, 2021! And there

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Healthcare Prior Authorization

What is a Healthcare Prior Authorization? To answer the question about Healthcare Prior Authorizations we must first know what that

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Medico Hospital Indemnity Bonus

Medico 2021 Agent Incentive Program  Feel the excitement! This program is for qualified applications submitted between Oct. 15, 2021 and

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Social Media Compliance Best Practices

A lot of agents struggle with figuring out how to maneuver social media compliance, and what they should post on

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Medicare Supplement Rate Increases

This is the season for Medicare Supplement rate increases. As many of you may have already experienced, Medicare supplement plans

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Aflac Agent

Aflac Fast Start Bonus Program

Aflac is an accident supplemental insurance that will pay the customer for falls or auto accidents. This is extra insurance

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Mutual of Omaha latest agent incentives

Issue 50 medicare supplement applications by july 31, 2021, to choose from these big, new prize packages: NEW THIS INCENTIVE

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Union Security

Earn $100 per underwritten and $50 per non-underwritten Med Supp

Union Security latest agent incentives

Keep earning and helping more clients. Extended opportunities to earn unlimited incentives with Union Security. Qualify with just 3 issued

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Earn $100 per underwritten and $50 per non-underwritten Med Supp

Manhattan Life latest agent incentives

Keep protecting more customers and getting rewarded for your efforts Just extended: Unlimited incentives with ManhattanLife’s Medicare Supplements. $100 PER

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Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Open Enrollment Period — Things to remember during OEP

What is the Medicare Open Enrollment Period?OEP stands for Open Enrollment Period which is when clients are allowed to make

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How to shoot Insurance Agent videos on a budget

Insurance Agent videos don't need to be professionally created to be high quality. With the technology available today, you can

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