Compliant Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Compliant Marketing It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your content, customer information, and agency practices comply

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Healthcare Prior Authorization

What is a Healthcare Prior Authorization? To answer the question about Healthcare Prior Authorizations we must first know what that

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Social Media Compliance Best Practices

A lot of agents struggle with figuring out how to maneuver social media compliance, and what they should post on

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Medicare Supplement Rate Increases

This is the season for Medicare Supplement rate increases. As many of you may have already experienced, Medicare supplement plans

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Aflac Agent

Aflac Fast Start Bonus Program

Aflac is an accident supplemental insurance that will pay the customer for falls or auto accidents. This is extra insurance

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Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Open Enrollment Period — Things to remember during OEP

What is the Medicare Open Enrollment Period?OEP stands for Open Enrollment Period which is when clients are allowed to make

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How to shoot Insurance Agent videos on a budget

Insurance Agent videos don't need to be professionally created to be high quality. With the technology available today, you can

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