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TMG is a Medicare & Life Insurance Agent Resource offering great commissions, and we will also throw in: sales training, support, supplies, bonuses, incentive trips and more.

The All New Medicare Center is here!

Medicare Center

Put managing the client relationship on auto-pilot!

Medicare & Life Insurance Agent Resources

Medicare Center Enrollment Tool

Enroll a client in 20-30 minutes without leaving your home/office.
The best part? This tool is offered to our agents absolutely FREE!

TMG Quoting Tool

Customize a quote fast and easy from anywhere! You can even submit applications to some major carriers with this application.

Medicare & Life Insurance Agent Training

Get access to our VIP Portal where you can take advantage of video training, marketing resources and the latest carrier news.

Medicare & Life Insurance Agent Support

Call us at (888) 622-9122 or we offer live chat while we are in the office. If you need help after hours, simply fill out a support ticket.

Get Ready For AEP!

Medicare Advantage & Part D

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Medicare Advantage & Part D

How To Save Money On AHIP Certifications

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Medicare Advantage & Part D, Medicare Center

Reduce Face Time With Your Clients During Cold & Flu Season

Reduce Face Time With Your Clients During Cold & Flu Season With [...]

Support For The Medicare & Life Insurance Agent

Tidewater Management Group strives to give the best support to our agents during office hours and beyond.


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