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Hospital Indemnity plans: What you need to know

Selling Hospital Indemnity insurance: What you need to knowHospital Indemnity insurance is their to support you as secondary coverage to

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GTL's Advantage Plus Elite

GTL’s Advantage Plus Elite Plan is expanding!

We have some exciting from GTL to share with you.  Many of you have chosen to add them to your

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GTL Fill the Gaps Tool

How to use GTL’s Fill the Gaps Tool

Get Instant hospital indemnity coverage recommendations based on your client's Medicare Advantage plan! Watch GTL's short video and see how

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Wellabe dental

GTL Advantage Plus® Elite now available in Illinois, Tennessee and Ohio

The newest Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Advantage Plus Elite, is now available in Illinois, Tennessee and Ohio!This update is currently available

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Medico HI plan pays observation

It's not uncommon for hospitals to admit patients to an observation unit when physicians can't determine whether admission is necessary.

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