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How a life-changing event led Nick to enter the insurance industry


Nick Dobrow's first interaction with Mike Newton

Nick Dobrow entered the insurance field in 2020 and how he got there is an interesting tale. It was one ride with Mike Newton that led to a partnership that now till this day can’t be broken; a undeniable bond that now leads to tremendous results we see day-in and day-out at Tidewater Management Group.

Newton said, “I wanted to catch an Uber from my house to North Hills because I was meeting one of our partners for dinner and here comes Nick as the driver. I get in the back of the car, and on the back of his seats, he has marketing for his insurance agency, which I loved making me think he is a hustler.”

Nick’s personality really resonated with Mike and brought the conversation together.
“Nick just had a heart of gold, super personable, talkative, outgoing,” Newton said. “He got me safely to my destination, which was really cool.” 

I think the team here at Tidewater Management Group is incredible. I think if you are partnered with us, you're making the right decision because the people here actually care.

Nick Dobrow's big push in the insurance field 

Mike Newton and Nick

Mike Newton (left) and Nick Dobrow

At the end of the day, the hustle Nick demonstrated to Newton really stood out forming the connection.

“I think that the thing that really attracted me to Nick was his hustle and story,” Newton said. “He was building an agency, and wanted to supplement some of the marketing costs by driving Uber. That's what I call hustle which is so important. So you have such a connection to so many brokers because you've been there and done that; not to mention that he is still doing it.”

Nick working hard right out of Coastal Carolina University really paved the way where he kept hustling to produce skyrocketing results.
“I'm a first generation college student,” Dobrow said. “I was able to start my own business, first time home buyer at the age of 25 because of life insurance.”

Hard work as an entrepreneur put Nick on the path to success at Tidewater Management Group.

How Nick Dobrow ended up in the insurance industry

A tragic personal event changed Nick’s life forever in so many ways. It also helped push him into a future work field he probably never would have imagined.
“When I was seven years old, my mom and sister passed away in a house fire and they had life insurance put in place,” Dobrow said. “Without that, I don't know if I would be able to afford going to college.”

Life insurance was a big difference maker for Nick’s future personally and professionally.

“Being able to put a down payment on a home that I live in now, it's an amazing product,” Dobrow said.  It can change people's lives for the good after such terrible disaster.”

Newton had added that Nick’s mom had the policy in place for a reason and now she propelled him to where he is now because of a life insurance policy.

Growing relationships at Tidewater Management Group 

Nick has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Tidewater Management Group over the past year. Making a difference in people’s lives really means a lot to him.
“I think this team here is incredible,” said Dobrow. “I think if you are partnered with us, you're making the right decision because the people here actually care. They go to battle for you in some cases.”

Nick said he really appreciates having a team that wants to help him grow. He feels the support and wants to give it back now to the insurance agents.

Moving ahead and growing your book of business

Contact Nick by sending him an email at and send him any questions you have. Tidewater Management Group is here to help you succeed.

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