November 20

Black Friday for insurance agents: How to take advantage on deals

Black Friday for insurance agents is a key time to find ways to save more on materials and other items that you might need.

Since saving on big deals is important, we have a few ways you can take advantage of Black Friday deals.  Save more during Black Friday and reap the benefits later. 

Find vistaprint specials 


A great way to save more on marketing materials is to find the vistaprint deals. For example, if you want new business cards made up; a discount on Black Friday would be a great chance to stock up for the year. If you want to send out post cards for the holiday season, vistaprint would be great place to purchase them. Throughout the year, you might need a poster, banner or sign. Using your Black Friday discounts on marketing materials will help you grow your book of business at a great price. 

With the upcoming holiday season coming up,  the Black Friday deals would be a great opportunity to purchase holiday cards that you can send to your clients as a token of your appreciation. By sending holiday cards, it can help with retention rates for your current book of business. 

In the meantime, you can visit our Resource Hub where you can get access to customizable marketing materials like post cards, banners, brochures and much more! Once you have customized your marketing items, you can utilize your vistaprint deal and go through the printing process. 

Purchase hardware like computers and printers

Macbook Pro for Black Friday

Computers, printers and other hardware can be very expensive. Black Friday would be a great opportunity to get an dependable laptop. Let's say you want the newest Dell laptop with all of the bells and whistles. This can get expensive however if you use the Black Friday deal; it can lessen the dent on the wallet.

Printers also can be expensive and sometimes you are going to want to print off documents from your office instead of at a printing place. Let's say there is a nice discount on a new HP LaserJet printer which would normally cost a fortune. Save the money now so you don't have to worry about printing anytime soon. 

Integrity LeadCENTER promotions 


LeadCENTER discounts will be available on Black Friday. Discounts could be on Medicare leads, Life leads, ACA leads and much more. These discounts are a great way to save on leads and put more money back in your wallet. 

Purchase gifts for client

Throughout the year, you are going to want to have gifts that you can give to your clients. Especially during the holidays, your clients will appreciate a gift. Black Friday deals are available in many places like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and many more!  It could be a care package gift with candles in it or a gift card so they can shop on technology at places like Best Buy. The gift ideas for clients are endless, but you can make these purchases at a better rate during Black Friday. 

Use money to hire a part-time assistant

As an alternative to spending money on material items on Black Friday, you can hire a part-time assistant that can assist you throughout the week. It can be a simple 10-15 hours of work like confirming appointments, call clients and ask for referrals, send out birthday cards along with other administrative tasks. 

Travel and hotel discounts

When you are traveling throughout the year for work, you are going to need places to stay. There are great discounts on Black Friday that you can find to cover the lodging cost. It would be a great idea to snag a gas card on Black Friday. It cost a lot these days to travel so a gas card would be great during your work travels. 

Save more this Black Friday 

Black Friday can be a great way to snatch some lucrative deals right after Thanksgiving. Take advantage of the discounts and gather deals at a good price! 

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