August 31

Matthew Sokol: First AEP Roadshow is in the books

Getting the opportunity to attend the AEP Roadshow at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was a game-changer for my professional career. I started at Tidewater Management Group in December joining the Digital Marketing team and little did I know the wonderful experiences to come this summer.

Matthew Sokol

Someone might wonder how was this one event a difference maker? The answer to that is simple, getting the opportunity to connect with agents redefined and motivated my inspiration for my job. 

When we get to work with our agents, is it essential to see that we work with the most talented people in our country. In addition to that, our agents are some of the hardest working individuals you will ever meet. AEP is right around the corner and you are going to be working hours upon hours helping your clients.  When those times get tough, it is important to remember that you have the staff at TMG to help you every step of the way. Whether its Ronnie James and the rest of the regional sales directors, marketing, contracting, digital marketing, or Mike Newton and his team with agent support; you are in good hands. 

AEP Durham Roadshow

From left to right: Byron and Martha Mathews, Scott Allred, and Tim Shina participate in an agent panel alongside host Ronnie James at the AEP Roadshow in Durham, North Carolina on August 23rd. 

The agent panel was phenomenal and the vast amount of information that came from them was unbelievable.  In case you weren't there, the panel included:  Byron and Martha Mathews, Scott Allred, and Tim Shina along with your host Ronnie James. It was over 100 years combined experience showcasing their vast knowledge of the business.

An important reason we had the panel section of the roadshow was because everyone can learn from one another. There could be many tips to navigate AEP season and good advice can be the difference maker for AEP season. For example, one person could be a MedicareCENTER expert and small insights on how to maximize the positive results from using this tool that you have access to as our TMG partners. 

Tidewater Management Group staff resonates with their partners

The presence of the staff at Tidewater Management Group was strong. It showed that we are your advocate and we are here to show that we have your back. Growing that in-person connection couldn't have been better for developing our relationship. 

Having Ronnie James leading the way as the host was smart to say the least. Ronnie sends that strong message of "I have your back; you are in good hands."

AEP season 2024

Ronnie's quarter of a century experience in this business speaks for itself. Yes, Ronnie is a smart man who knows Medicare industry like his ABC's however that is not what I think about when it comes to Ronnie's presence at the roadshow. Ronnie's humbleness on stage was clear and it really resonated with the crowd. As AEP rolls upon us, Ronnie is who you want in your corner when the tough times creep into the picture. 

Mike Newton crushes the afternoon spotlight

Mike Newton as the Agent Support Manager rocked the afternoon. Knowing the power of marketing through the digital realm is Mike's bread and butter. It was really great when he brought up the topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He talked about having the right keywords in the SEO fields like Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement. 

He also showed the importance of creating content. The content is what drives business and he really hit the nail on the head getting the point across. He was right on the money when he said readers want to see educational or entertaining content. Those are your examples of what type of content you should post and I really hope you all take what he says to heart. 

Carriers presence valued in Durham

I think having the various carriers at the AEP Roadshow was important. It gave everyone a chance to connect, gain information and network. Having it in the afternoon was great for the networking and a great way to wrap up the day. 

With AEP season approaching, learning from the carriers was very beneficial. It shows the importance of networking and making those face-to-face connections. 

Last reflections on the Durham Roadshow

Overall, the AEP Durham Roadshow was a great experience to learn from. I got to meet all of you and start to develop business relationships. I really enjoyed getting to put names to faces which was a wonderful experience.

The partnership that TMG has with everyone is special and I am starting to see why. When one of us thrives, we both value the benefits. The Good Days are ahead of us so let's work together to make the future bright.  Thank you to all of our partners and steer this ship together! 

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