June 21

How to Sell Annuities with Brokers International


Annuity selling process begins with contracting

When it comes to selling annuities with Brokers International, the best suggestion for getting started is begin with contracting first. We know we're appointed, we have an agent code, we've done our product training and we can write business. There is nothing that is going to hold up business on that end. 

The importance behind product training 

If you've never written the product before, no matter what product it is with annuities, you're always going to have to take the product training. It is however a one time process you go through.

If you've never written the product before, that's going to be very important because if you end up selling the annuity and you get signatures and dates on the app, then you'll have to go back to get those signatures along with the dates again from the client if you haven't taken the product training.

 Pretty much any product that you're going to go with, you'll have the ability to do an E app. It really is the most efficient way to submit business. It's cleaner and easier for the new business team to review. 

Making the best use of the fact-finding sheet

If you don't already have somebody that might be interested in an annuity, go ahead and grab that fact finding sheet so you can look through it and you can understand the questions that are needed. Once you have that, you can start onboarding with the carriers now.  We can't control how fast a carrier processes or doesn't process a contract so we suggest that you go ahead and get appointed.
 We will then send that fact finding sheet to brokers. Their amazing sales team will run an illustration for you, which is great because they're independent; it's not just one carrier. Once that illustration comes back, it gets sent back to  you.

After that, you talk about it with your client. The client might accept it or they might have extra questions. If there are additional questions you don't feel comfortable, reach back out to us and we'll get you connected with the Brokers International team. Now we're at the point, you have the fact finding sheet and business is ready to go in. This asset is really helpful and incredible. 

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