Web & Graphics Designer

Kevin Evans

Kevin is a Florida native who moved to North Carolina when he started high school. He attended East Carolina University where he earned a BFA and MBA in painting and drawing.

Prior to joining the TMG team, he was the creative director at a Law Firm Marketing Company for thirteen years. Kevin joined the Tidewater family as the lead web and graphics designer in July of 2020. Kevin specializes in web design and is great at creating and designing flyers, logos, social graphics, and marketing emails. He is also involved in video editing, content creation, google analytics and SEO.

“Tidewater is laid back, the company has a good vision, good benefits and good people, and that’s awesome”, Kevin said in reflection of working at TMG.

When he is not at the office, Kevin can be found in his home art studio. He loves to draw, paint and photograph landscapes. You can see his wonderful works by visiting, https://www.kevinevans.net. He also enjoys spending time with his three cats, Sherbet, Vincent and Nietzsche. Kevin is a big fan of Italian cuisine. He loves to eat at Italian restaurants and try different flavors of his favorite dessert, Talenti Gelato!!