ManhattanLife Medicare Supplement

ManhattanLife MedSupp plans: here for your clients
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Manhattan Life Insurance Company Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

Manhattan Life Insurance Company Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

  • Competitive rates make it easy to position the product to clients
  • Improved commissions make it more profitable for agents
  • One of the best eApps in the market
  • Very simple signature process
  • Selling over the phone is effortless

Now extended into Q1: Unlimited incentives with ManhattanLife’s Med Supps.

Earn $100 per underwritten case and $50 per non-underwritten case. Pays out each month for January, February, and March.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Resources

  • Agent portal (e-apps, supplies, quotes, commissions, and more)
  • Fax number: 713-583-2738

Where Can You Sell this Medicare Supplement Plan?

Call Tidewater Management Group today to find out the details on this Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan available to our partners at (888) 622-9122.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Coverage Map

FOR AGENT USE ONLY - Cannot be distributed to the public or used in any consumer solicitation. Plans may not be available in all states. Contact Tidewater Management Group (National FMO) for more details at (888) 622-9122. Manhattan Life Insurance Company and their licensed agents are not in any manner affiliated with or sponsored by the federal government, the social security administration, the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, or the department of health and human services.