October 22

Marketing and Content in the Medicare Industry


As agents, FMOs, and Carriers we need to be thoughtful as we prepare to market for the annual enrollment period. This is based on what I've been seeing on social media, in conferences, and every day trends I notice in real life. Here are some tips about Medicare marketing and content and how to gain Interest and earn appointments in the field.  

How to make a personal connection through the screen

In this day and age, marketing is becoming less and less face-to-face and more and more through a screen. Marketing yourself in a virtual setting brings up new factors to take into consideration. These include being technologically savvy, being able to gain trust and make personal connections through a screen, and maintaining professionalism. 

Medicare marketing

Determine the best way your leads want to receive content: email, social media, website, phone call, etc. Marketing yourself is more than just making people aware of who you are and your services. It's about what you can offer people. 

Make sure your content backs up your marketing promises

Anyone can slap a guaranteed sticker on a box and call it a day. More often than not, people are disappointed with their purchase later because the quality is not up to the level they expected. They just didn't look past the guaranteed promise. Everyone can make 

promises about what they can offer, but not everyone can deliver on those promises. 

Why you over the next guy?

You don't want to be "just another pretty face". You want people to see the substance you bring to the table. You bring people in with your looks, and you keep them there with your soul. In your situation, you bring people in with your marketing, and you keep them there with your content. 

A lot of individuals are attracted to the outside. They're attracted to the outer appearance and not necessarily the content. It's because a lot of the marketing that's going on today is superficial and there are too many gimmicks out there. 

Customer retention is important. You don't want to put in the time and effort to nurture a lead, get an appointment, and then blow it. It's important to keep the appointments coming and 

For example...

For example, Aquafina. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Aquafina water. I drink it and I like Aquafina, but I've got my local grocery store, Food Lion, and I buy their waters by the case as well. If I put these two waters side by side, many times, people will choose the Aquafina over the food line brand, and my question is why?

A big reason for that is the packaging. The packaging is a little more appealing to the eye, whereas the Food Lion water, which is equally as good, in my opinion, has a more plain label. Therefore, Aquafina can charge $4.99 for a 24 pack and food line charges $2.99.

People get the idea that the Aquafina must be better because it's packaged in a little different label, and it costs more. Don't be fooled.

Right now some of you are still trying to decide who you want to partner with in the insurance industry. You're trying to decide who you want to partner with in life.

I encourage you if you are a marketer, both contents and packaging are very important. It's important that you package it, because if the product doesn't look appealing from the outside, no one ever gets to the inside. However, at the same time, if all you're doing is focusing on the superficial and not the content, sooner or later, it'll be seen through.

How to gain interest through Medicare marketing and content and turn them into leads 

As agents, as recruiters, and as companies, we need to be sure that we're not just focusing on the looks from the outside, but we're trying to package good content on the inside at the same time. It's important that we don't put all of our efforts on just the content and not on the external, because if the packaging does not look at least somewhat appealing, nobody's going to open the package to see how good the content on the inside is. Here are some phone calling tips to get contacts interested!

packaging and content

I say that because I've seen some things that have concerned me because it looks like a lot of smoke and mirrors and loud music and lasers and loud music, and it looks really appealing on the outside. Once you get on the inside and you see what content it has, it's a little flat to me. It doesn't have a lot of substance.

On the other hand, I've also seen some training and some videos that look a little dull and plain. Once I got into the content, it was like, wow, light bulbs went off. It was like there was some really good content, but there has to be a fine line between the outside and the inside.

What makes you unique?

What is the niche factor that makes you as an agent different from your competitors. What makes the plan you're promoting better than others? Why should they pick one carrier over another? Why is this plan the best fit for them and their lifestyle? You need to market this material so it seems personal to your client. Understand your own unique selling point - it could be your specialist training or a unique combination of past experience and personal interests. Give leads every reason to do business with you. Package and present yourself well, 

package the materials well, and follow up on that by being knowledgable about the content. In addition, make sure the content is relevant to your client. Don't present them with a plan that wouldn't appeal to them or wouldn't fit with their lifestyle.

Understanding carrier materials

Carriers will provide an array of materials for you to use when meeting with beneficiaries. It is your job to understand and be knowledgable about this material. Act like it's your own. While you didn't create the content or design the packaging, you need to be able to answer any questions.

In addition, you can introduce this content in your own way without relying on the packaging from the carrier. You know your clients best and what will draw them in. Feel free to tailor the materials in a way that fits your selling style or your jargon. You don't have to try to fit the mold or the packaging that the carrier provides. Make it your own! Don’t be afraid to add a little flair and a personal touch.

Put in the extra effort to earn an appointment

Put in the extra effort to package yourself and the content you're selling in an appealing and approachable way. I encourage you to evaluate yourself in your personal life, because if all we do is we work on the outside, we'll get customers that will look our way. If we do a lot of marketing and we do a lot of solicitations, we'll get the opportunity to meet and set appointments with individuals.

The average U.S. senior spends about 2.6 hours a day on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, so be sure to take advantage of this time by establishing an online presence.

If we haven't taken time to take care of the inside, the knowledge that it takes, the training that it takes, the effort to learn new products when we get in front of those individuals will fall flat. That is not my desire for you in any phase of your life. I want you to soar like an eagle in every aspect. 

Prepare yourself for marketing during Annual Enrollment Period 

I know we've got a lot going on as we get ready for the annual enrollment period, but I want you to think about this for just a few moments as you do. This holds true in relationships. It holds true in partnerships. It holds true in marketing, whether you're recruiting agents or whether you're out recruiting clients out in the public. 

Prepare to do certifications, your final contracts, possibly who you're going to partner with now and in the 2022.

If you're not partnering with us and you'd like to learn more about the content that we offer and not just our packaging, give us a call at 888-622-9122. We'd love the opportunity to talk with you. As always, I wish you the best.


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