February 14

8 Opportunities for Continued Growth after AEP

Now that AEP is over, many questions might be going through your head. What can we or should we be doing next? What can we sell at this point?

We have numbered off 8 different opportunities that you can be looking at now, and into the first quarter of 2022 to get your year off to a good start.

Step 1:

5-Star Plans

In many areas, we now have five-star plans for the first time. What does that mean to you as an agent?

This means that between December 8th and November 30th of this year, anyone who is not currently enrolled in a 5-star plan will have the opportunity to make a one-time change into a five-star plan. 

Step 2:

OEP (Open Enrollment Period)

This opportunity is for those individuals that go into January 1 with a Medicare Advantage plan. For someone who has original Medicare, original Medicare, and a supplement going into January, they're not eligible for OEP. Anyone who has a Medicare Advantage plan on January 1 is eligible to make one change during the first quarter of the year. If and when they make that one change unless there's a special enrollment situation, they're essentially stuck with that plan the rest of the year. If they make no changes, whatever they have on April 1st is what they'll essentially keep the rest of the year.

Tidewater Management Group and Integrity Partners have access to the T-65 locator, which is free to use and will help you if you're trying to locate those individuals turning 65. 

Ronnie James // Regional Sales Director

Keep in mind, OEP is never to be marketed by an agent. This is an event where CMS would typically like it to be a non-event. If people come to you and ask you questions, you can certainly offer this to them. However, do not put anything out soliciting folks marketing to the OEP election period. That is a major violation as far as CMS is concerned.

Step 3:

Age-ins – People who are turning 65

T65 Locator

Every day there are people in your area turning 65. This is a great opportunity for agents because it gives you the opportunity as an agent to establish a relationship with them when they're first going on medicare. Statistics tell us that if someone lives to age 65, their average life expectancy is another 19 years. Establishing a good report and a good relationship with someone when they're first turning 65 could pay huge dividends for years to come.

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