Contracting Support

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Caitlin is a California native who relocated to North Carolina when her family moved here. She attended the University of Oregon majoring in Planning, Public Policy, and Management. 

Before starting at TMG, Caitlin wanted to get her foot in the door of the Healthcare industry, so she took a job as an endoscopy scheduler. Caitlin started in August 2020 and is a great addition to the TMG family. She is part of our Contracting team taking on a supportive

A typical day for Caitlin consists of working with our team to assist in the setup processes for agents so they can submit business with the desired carriers. She focuses more on back-end operations and completes contract requests from our Agent Support Team. Communication, attention to detail, and leadership are a couple of Caitlin’s skills. She also works well in teams and has found everyone here at TMG extremely welcoming and always willing to help!

In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places, hiking, and hosting game nights! Her go-to restaurant in Raleigh is Milton’s. Welcome to the team, Caitlin!