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Benefits of Devoted Health to you as an Agent

Easy onboarding

Seamless and efficient onboarding and certification workflows

Keep track of your book of business

One place to view and download your Devoted Health book of business

Transparent and frequent payments

Access to commissions statements for direct payees, with the aim to pay multiple times a month in 2023 (details to come later this year) 

Easy application status check

Real-time status updates on all your Devoted Health applications

Easy remote options

Digital signature workflows for application, scope of appointment and other forms

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Benefits of a Devoted Health MAPD plan to your Customers

Insulin and diabetic supplies

  • $0 to low cost for select insulins and administration supplies during the Coverage Phase and through the Coverage Gap in FL*
  • For plans where we participate in the Senior Savings Model (SSM), $35 for all covered insulin through the coverage gap)
  • $0 on all plans for administration supplies and $0 copay for plan╩╝s preferred continuous glucose monitor, such as Freestyle Libre

FREE medical alert device

  • $0 copay for device and service
  • Home and mobile versions available
  • Fall detection available

Competitive dental allowance

  • Allowance amount varies by plan
  • Can be used for fillings, extractions, and more
  • May be offered through a vendor or a debit card

Rich OTC benefits

  • Quarterly allowance (dollar amount varies by plan)
  • Can be used throughout the quarter (no rollover)
  • Good for purchases made online, over the phone, and in-store at CVS

Healthy Foods card (At least 1 plan per market)

  • Monthly allowance varies by market 
  • Use for purchase of food at a participating grocery store
  • In some situations, qualification criteria applies

Low-cost hearing aids

  • Flat copay for each aid to limit cost to member
  • Coverage for 2 aids a year

Bathroom safety equipment
Covered when needed by member:

  • Standard raised toilet seat
  • Can be used throughout the quarter (no rollover)
  • $0 copay on all plans
  • 1 each per member per year

Devoted Dollars

  • Monthly allowance varies by market 
  • Gift cards mailed to members homes for preventive screenings and annual care

Excluded drug coverage

  • Erectile dysfunction drugs, generic brands
  • Folic acid 1mg tablets
  • Vitamin D 50,000 unit capsules
  • B12 injections

Wellness Bucks

  • $150 to $300 (dollar amount varies by plan)
  • Good for gym equipment, fitness trackers, and exercise classes
  • Members pay out of pocket then are reimbursed

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