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Cancer, Heart Attack, or Stroke Plan Through TMG



People often ask what my favorite insurance product is to sell. I can’t say that I have a favorite but I do find that Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke plans are the easiest to sell.

Cancer Heart Attack and Stroke

Everyone has someone close to them that has been touched by one of the “big three”. Most of us can think of multiple people who have been affected by these serious health issues.

One in two men and now nearly one in two women will have cancer in their lifetime.

61% of all Expenses Surrounding Cancer are Non-medical

expenses surrounding cancer are non-medical

The good news is that early detection has raised the survival rates. The bad news is that most survivors are left with serious debt because they were not prepared.

The unexpected expenses are devastating. People assume that because they have a “good medical plan” that they will be covered. However, studies show 61% of all expenses surrounding cancer are non-medical.

Travel for treatment, lost wages due to time off work, experimental procedures and prescription drugs are all out-of-pocket costs that must be taken into consideration.

Heart Related Deaths Are The Number One Killer in the US

Most people are surprised to learn that heart related deaths are the number one killer in the US and that strokes are the leading cause of long term disability. The chance of having a stroke doubles every ten years after age 55 and in America, someone is having a stroke every 39 seconds. Even if prospects are aware of these facts, most do not realize that specific Critical Illness coverage is available.

If you are not offering your clients these products, you may be missing the boat. It only takes about ten minutes to explain since most people understand the need and the premiums are very affordable, especially compared to potential cost of being diagnosed without separate coverage. In most cases, the money amounts to less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day (not Starbucks, just a plain, cheap cup of joe). I have worked with several clients who wished that they could purchase this type of plan but were unable because they had already experienced one of the covered health conditions.

Gas station coffee heart attack stroke cancer

I always say:

“You buy insurance with your health. You pay for it with dollar bills but if you are not in good health, you can’t get the insurance. Get it while your health is still good.”

Since learning about these options, I educate my clients. I never want to find out that someone has developed one of these conditions knowing that I did not offer one of the affordable solutions. TMG provides the tools to make a living while allowing me to feel the satisfaction of taking care of people by providing a much needed service.

Give us a call at TMG and let’s talk about this great opportunity. 888.622.9122

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