May 15

Agency Owner Testimonial | Tidewater is like family



Kevin Brown of Columbia, South Carolina is the agency owner of Wealth Alliance Group. Kevin expresses that he is proud to be with Tidewater and feels that Tidewater is like family. Kevin and his team are very proud of the values they have as an agency and are happy Tidewater shares those values.

As a growing agency, Wealth Alliance Group knows that they have their resources to support training and anything that goes along with growing their agency. Kevin is glad that Tidewater already has the experience to help us get there and that they have been able to provide resources that we did not expect of an FMO.

Kevin says that one thing that was great about Tidewater, and making a decision to partner with them, was the agent support. The agent support system there, it’s like family. You pick up the phone, you need something, and Tidewater is there for you.

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"We are very proud to be with Tidewater".


Kevin Brown

Agency Owner of Wealth Alliance Group

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