July 13

Planning for the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)


What Will Annual Enrollment Period Look Like This Season?

Let’s be honest, for agents, there is a lot going on right now with certifications and Annual Enrollment Period preparations. This year, there is so much uncertainty about how we’re going to market and sell, and what’s going to happen with our customers. However, Ronnie James wanted to share with you some good news about the Medicare center. 

Pre-Annual Enrollment Period

October 1st through the 14th is what we call the Annual Enrollment pre-enrollment period. This is when we can start marketing and we are allowed talk to our customers about potential changes in their plans for next year. You are also able to market to new customers.

With the technology that we have through Tidewater Management Group and Integrity Marketing Group, we have the ability to go use the Medicare center for meetings. These meetings can be in a group setting with our current members or one on one appointments. The Medicare center will be loaded with the 2021 plans effective October 1st.

Through the Medicare center, we can gather the email info from our consumers and then choose to either email our customers that day the quote for the 2021 season and let them know not to send it in until the 15th of October. Alternatively, we can wait until the 15th of October and email all of the customers that we’ve met with prior to that date and allow them to be able to email back in the application.

Save Time with the Medicare Center

Annual Enrollment Period Medicare Center

As an agent, the Medicare Center will save you a lot of time because most of us agents in the past have met with the customers, filled out the application, but not taken possession of the application. This requires agents to take time to circle back on the 15th to pick up all the applications up. Then, because it is a paper application, we’ve had to spend hours standing in front of the fax machine trying to fax those paper applications in to get our year started.

Now with our Medicare center, with them being able to do the application online, we eliminate the need for the fax machine on the 15th. So with good preparation, you’ll be able to save yourself a substantial amount of time.

So please, head my advice, and learn the Medicare center today. AS you procrastinate, the days will seem to get shorter, and the hours will definitely seem longer if you’re standing by the fax machine. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-622-9122. Our expert agent support team is always ready to help.

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