April 8

How to Use Our Turning 65 Locator: Tutorial

Did you know that we have a Turning 65 Locator app available to all Tidewater agents free of charge? This easy-to-use online tool helps you narrow down prospects who will be turning 65 within a specified location and birthday range. It provides prospect addresses so that agents can mail a letter or birthday card or stop by and knock on the door. (As a reminder, there is no door knocking allowed in West Virginia.)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use this powerful tool for finding Medicare Supplement prospects who will be turning 65 soon. You can become their trusted resource to help them navigate Medicare before any other agents have the chance to speak with them.

Step 1: Request Access

Turning 65 Locator Registration

A. Once you request access and have been approved through Tidewater Management Group, we will help you register for an account.

B. After being approved, you will sign up for an account by inputting your first name, last name, NPN, email, and by creating a password. Check the box to agree to terms and conditions, and then click "register."

Step 2: Set Up Your Application Settings

Turning 65 Locator Settings

C. Once you are logged in, click "Application Settings" in the main menu. We will now set up the criteria for your search.

D. You can set up your search preferences on the settings page. Under T-65 Preferences, you can change the maximum number of results that pop up, the maximum distance, and the maximum and minimum months until age 65. Ensure that you set your maximum and minimum months until age 65 for the best results in your search. Change the minimum months until 65 to Not Set/0 unless you have a specific range in mind.

Under the Rate Quote Preferences portion, set your default zip code and state, default term, and whether or not you want to apply discounts and annual fees to rates for sorting. Once you are finished, click "Save Changes" in the gold button at the bottom. Click the home icon at the top right in the blue bar once you have saved your changes.

T-65 Locator Settings

Step 3: Locate Prospects

Click the T-65 Locator button

E. After returning to the home screen, click "T-65 Locator" to go to the prospect location map.

F. Once you reach the map, your browser may prompt you to allow location settings. If you want to search prospects around your current location, choose "allow." If you want to search for prospects within the zip code that you selected within the Application Settings, click "don't allow."

Location settings
Prospect map

G. You will now see prospects in your designated area, represented by red pins on the map. Zoom in or out by clicking the plus or minus buttons at the bottom right of the map.

H. To view a prospect, click on a red pin. This will show their name, birthday, days until they turn 65, their address, and a recommended Medicare Supplement option for them. Click "more rates" on this pop-up to view other plan options. 

Prospect information

Step 4: Get Quotes & View Underwriting Guidelines

Med supp quotes

I. You will now see a list of Medicare Supplement quotes that will work specifically for the person that you selected. This list includes household discounts, rate change information, and more. 

J. Once you've found a carrier whose plan you'd like to know more about, click "more info" below the carrier name. Here you can view the A.M. Best rating, fee, monthly cost before and after the household discount, and the annual cost. To view underwriting guidelines, click the "Underwriting Guidelines" button at the bottom right below the annual cost.

Lumico info

K. Scroll through the underwriting guidelines. Once you're finished, click to exit the underwriting guidelines. Then, click the arrow at the top left of the screen to return to the prospect map.

Underwriting information
Return to map

Request Access to the Turning 65 Locator

More Medicare Resources

With the Turning 65 Locator, finding prospects has never been so easy! Bookmark this tab to keep these instructions handy so you can access them any time. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-622-9122. Our expert agent support team is always ready to answer your questions. 

For more Medicare resources, check out this blog post on the #1 effective follow-up strategy for Medicare clients. For a plethora of information on selling while social distancing, click here. You may also want to check out all the Medicare Supplement options that you can contract with through Tidewater.

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